Central Arizona

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June 4th, 2008
Central Arizona

URBAN LAKES — The next catfish stocking will occur the week of June 9 as long as pH levels are below 9.5. Fishing for catfish is good to excellent with a variety of baits working well on the bottom. Cats are biting best mid morning and in the evenings. Some recent deliveries have included some big catfish in the 4-6 pound range. Top catfish baits include stink baits, shrimp or worms fished with a sliding sinker, or no sinker.

Bluegill and other sunfish are biting readily at all lakes on meal worms, worms or small dough balls under a small bobber. At Green Valley Lakes (Payson) fishing is still excellent for trout. Try Power Bait, worms or salmon eggs for the trout.

Where:Red Mountain Lake
Caught:2 catfish
Technique:fished bottom with hotdogs
Comments:I saw 2 guys pull out 5 catfish in less than 2 hours and the cats I caught were around 4lbs. The fish were biting like crazy I got hundreds of bites!
Name:Sergio Rodriguez

Caught:3 channel catfish
Technique:night crawlers
Comments:heck of a fight but stock bigger ones
Name:joe curtis

Where:Rio Vista
Caught:2 catfish
Technique:#10 hook on a bobber and used shrimp
Name:Anthony Garcia

Where:Cortez ParkWhen:
Caught:CatFish, Small Bass
Technique:Shrimp, Hotdogs and Minnows
Comments:Very nice morning fishing. Lots of bites, mostly smaller, but did catch 3 nice sized Cats. 2 smaller Bass….looked like small mouth, but was ot sure. I catch and release….. PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVE’S, NOTICED MANY FISHERMEN LEAVING MESS BEHIND. LETS SHOW PEOPLE WE CARE….

Where: Alvord Lake
When: 05/19/08
Caught:3 catfish one was 6lbs.
Technique :i used stink bait
Comments: one broke my line before i could get him out of the water. i caught the biggest ones there that evening. :)
Name: debbie ohl

TEMPE TOWN LAKE – Don’t forget when fishing Tempe Town Lake the east end of the lake is more productive and fish near structure. In that lake that means the bridge abutments or piers. I’m not saying that where all the fish are but your chances are a little better there. A couple fishermen reported catching bass on drop shots and spinners. Watch for the shad boils.

Worms are enticing the catfish to bite. Another fisherman stopped by in the evening for a half hour and caught two bass fishing from shore using a green spinner bait.
One angler stopped by Tempe Town Lake for an hour one morning and using corn on the bottom caught a rainbow trout and a channel catfish.
Angler report:
An angler caught a nice bass in a couple hours from shore on a very windy day last week. He used a chatterbait with a white skirt.

Where: Tempe Town Lake
Caught: Bass and Bluegills
Technique: I was using all sorts of methods for the bass but in the end all I needed was a worm that was suspended about 5′ from a bobber.
Comments: I decided to leave my home of Flagstaff for the weekend and head down south. It was my first time fishing in the lake. I had a blast. I got to the lake at around 7 in the morning and started catching fish. I caught 7 seven bass all of which were post spawned and were over 16″. I released them so that some other fisherman could have as much fun as I did. I used the same technique to catch the bluegills. I released all of those as they were too small to keep.
Name: Walter Sprengeler, Jr.

Where: Tempe town lake
Caught: Largemouth bass
Technique: slow rolling 4 inch worms
Comments: red hot if you know the lake
Name: ron varney
Where: Tempe Town Lake
When: 04/24/08
Caught: 2 Trout, 3 bass, and a catfish
Technique: Rooster Tails, the Banjo mino, and some worms under a bobber about 8 ft from bait
Name: austin kahn

Where: Tempe Town Lake
When: 04/17/08
Caught: Largemouth Bass
Technique: 3/8 oz. spinnerbait white/white trailer
Comments: Fished the lake three times this week with the same bait and caught two one day and one the very next day. Good in town lake
Name: Wayne Radtke

LAKE PLEASANT – Water elevation is 1,692 ft, which is 89-percent full.
Good bass fishing if your using drop shots and Carolina-rigged plastic worms.
The striper bite seems to be off a bit right now for the night fishermen; keep trying.
A couple anglers had luck with the stripers trolling minnows between 12 and 35 feet of water. They fished in the morning.
Important notice: DON’T MOVE A MUSSEL. With the discovery of invasive quagga mussels in Lake Pleasant, proper cleaning of all watercraft is critical to help prevent the spread of these invaders (helps protect your boat as well). Please drain and dry your livewell and bilge on land. Drain all the water you can from your engine. Also, inspect your vessel and trailer, removing any visible mussels, but also feel for any rough or gritty spots on the hull. These may be young mussels that can be hard to see.
Angler reports:
Hi Rory,
We’ll, my dad and I went out fishing last Monday (Memorial Day) at Lake Pleasant and boy was it a swell time. Dad almost landed a 7-pound largemouth bass, which was really big but got off right next to the boat…. We’ll, this flat – head catfish below weighted exaclty 18.5lbs… biggest freshwater fish I have ever caught in my entire life! Took about 45 minutes to real in. It was taken out of Lake Pleasant up near the northern end of lake in between Castle Creek and Kolls Cove using an anchovie on 6lb test line with an 8lb test tippet. Would have never got him in with a 6lb tippet. Almost seems unreal huh?

I love fishing and have been going my entire life. Would love to someday have a fishing guide service for people and please let me know if there is anything I can do for Game and Fish since I have always read these reports and long for the day my ade/pic gets into the Game and Fish report. Sure felt like a famous rockstar when I caught this guy, it was an unbelievable feeling and fun fight! Best day on Lake Pleasant ever!

Where:Lake Pleasant – Humbug, Coles, and Castle Creek
Technique:Senkos, Drop Shot, Minnows, and Spinnerbaits.
Comments:Fished from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and nothing worked… I didn’t see anyone else producing either. Time to start saving cash and driving north for some bow fishing.
Where:Lake Pleasant
Caught:Stripers, white bass
Comments:We tied up to the tire line at dark. We were sitting over 60 feet of water and fishing the anchovies from the bottom to about 35 feet down. We ended up getting 5 stripers and 1 white bass averaging about 2 pounds a piece. We were marking fish in 40 feet of water all night long. Water temp 73 degrees.
Frank VanLuvanee

Where: Lake Pleasant – Humbug
Caught:10 Largemouth Bass and 2 small Crappies
Technique: Drop Shot, Senko (trick & sticking), and Small Yellow and Black Jig.
Comments: Caught the Crappie around 5 a.m. and bass from 9 a.m. up until I was off the water at noon. Usually I come to pleasant and get 1-2 fish per visit, nice to see a change! All Bass and crappie were released.
Name: D.N.

Where: Lake Pleasant – Humbug
Caught:11 Largemouth Bass, 3 White Bass (all were slot–released all fish)
Technique: Drop Shot (Morning Dawn & Crawfish) also 5″ Senko’s worked in deep cover the colors that worked for me where Watermelon and Chartreuse Shad. I also managed to land a decent sized bass off a white spinner bait.
Comments: All I have to say is that it was a great day to put the boat on the water. We won’t see another day like this until next fall.

Where: Lake Pleasant – Agua Fria Arm
8 1-3# Striper (released all but two fish)
Technique: Crankbaits & Anchovies
Comments: I wanted to visit Agua Fria one last time before they closed it for the season. My last visit was not too successful, this time made up for it though! All fish looked very healthy and put up a heck of a fight!
Name: D.N.

Where: lake pleasant
Caught: A good Samaritan (and a bunch of others who weren’t)
Technique: “boat dead in the water technique”
Comments: I had just purchased a new Triton bass boat first day on the water and to top it off this is my first boat. Well to make short story of this our boat was dead in the water with the ignition key not turning at all no matter what we did. I tried to flag down 6 boaters and they just looked at me like I was some kind of virus , one guy even looked at us and said ” what do you want ?” shook his head and continued on his merry way! Finally some very nice people from Salt Lake city came to help us. One of the gentleman of the boat hopped on ours and tried to get her going and finally did. Thank god for those wonderful people. I thought every boater was suppose to help out one another in cases of emergency such as this ? Well I’ll tell ya what I hope those same boaters who turned their nose at us don’t ever get into a jam such as ours and be left feeling as though no one gave a hoot about a family of five including two kids under 10. Thanks to those from salt lake city we really appreciated the help.
Name:mike moreno

Where: Lake Pleasant
Caught:5 stripped bass
Technique: Anchovy with small split shot in 30 feet of water along submerged ridge
Comments: My son and I fished from kayaks from 8PM to 1130Pm using lights
Name: John W

Where: Lake Pleasant-Humbug
Caught: Striped Bass
Technique: Anchovies in 60ft of water.
Comments: Started fishing around 9pm, had out the lights around 11pm, we were surrounded by shad just circling the boat. We only caught a few 1-2 pounders and 3 small ones. Fished until 5am. Guess they were just not too hungry. I thought we would have caught more for sure with al the baitfish around.
Name: Jeff

Where: Lake Pleasant
Caught:13 – Strippers (1.5Ibs to 7 Ibs), and 2- Channel cats (1st 7Ibs, 2nd 5Ibs)
Technique: For the strippers I just used cut up anchovies dropped between 25 to 35 feet down in two cow cove. For the channels I used chicken livers, and let them drift on the bottom.
Comments: The stripper bite was hot for the first hour to hour and a half after the sun set. shortly after that I couldn’t find a heavy school again. As for the channels we only got a few bites the whole night.
Name: Casey Harkey
Where: Lake Pleasant
Caught: largemouth
Technique: drop shotting w/ morning dawn Robo wormsComments:
started fishing at 5 pm by 7 pm we boated 8 bass. All fish were caught in 10ft off main lake points.
Name: Jon Kay

ROOSEVELT LAKE – Lake Elevation is 2,149 ft (98percent full). Tonto Creek runoff is at 27 cfs while inflow from the Salt River is at 632 cfs.

Game and Fish had Camp Carp at Roosevelt and many anglers enjoyed the excitement of catching carp. We used corn and dough bait and both baits worked well. You can catch Mr. Hoselips from shore or anchor near the shoreline where you can see them milling around. For shore fishing, just find an area where you don’t have too many bushes and trees to snag your hooks – it’s a challenge this year I know. A note to fly fishermen, they are really fun to catch on a fly rod. Channel catfish liked the dough bait as well.

For those of you who like to catch “real” fish. Bass fishing is pretty good at the Salt River end of the lake. Drop shot method is working well, but topwater action isn’t bad. Jerk baits and jigs are producing some fish as well.

Caught:flat heads, channels, carp
Comments:Worns were the only thing they would take; we tried bluegill, baby carp stink bait, and no hits. We caught 30 channels, 5 flats and 2 big carp. We saw a lot of dead flat heads. I think people are trying to catch them and not using the right tackle, and they lose their rig and the fish die.
michael letcher
Technique:lights and minnows
Comments:when did whites get into Rosevelt???????????

Editor’s note: They fishing were probably yellow bass, kissing cousins to white bass.
Where:Roosevelt Lake
Caught:Largemouth Bass
Technique:Swimbaits 2 for 4 on(Money Minnow), 1 for 2 on War Eagle Spinnerbaits Baby Bass clr. 1 for 2 on Shad clr soft jerk baits caught 5 nice 13″ to 15 1/2″ slots. I missed 5 , 1 was 4lbs to 6lbs on MM thats fishing :) . Fished 5:00am to 12:00pm nice MDAY :)
Bite slowed a little :(
Joel Illig

Caught:9 fat catfish
Technique:fished from the shore of a cove towards the back of the lake with shrimp and worms. Stuck the pole in the mud with a bell on the end, and partied till the bell rang.
Camped in the cove all weekend, and every morning woke up to the sound of shad splashing in the water.
Keith C.
Where: Roosevelt
Caught: Bass and crappie
Technique: Bass on Rebel Crawfish med diver, red & black in about 10 ft of water. Crappie on minnows anchored in 20 ft of water, fished 10, 12 foot down in the Grape Vine area. The bite was very soft so watch your line and jig slowly.
Comments: Lights brought in the zooplankton and minnows, and a LOT of carp which messed things up. Very windy in P.M. the day before, so no luck except one junior bass.
Name: TeddyJackEddy

Where: Roosevelt
Caught:10 large mouth bass
Technique: topwater morning and crankbaits afternoon no worm fish top water in the evening
Comments: most fish were in the slot weight in one close to three lbs/ water is high all normal spots way under water
Name: Glenn Peters

Where: Roosevelt Lake
When: 05/10/08
Caught:12 Largemouth
Technique:4″ Zoom Fluke Shad Color, Storm Chug Bug, Heddon Zara Spook…
Comments: Most of the bass were caught in the early morning hrs. All bass caught were in the slot. Had lots of hits & misses through out the day. Bite turned off in the afternoon for us. Then @ dusk got on a fun topwater bite. Went 1 for 8 it was a blast; get out there if u can. Clear water backs of coves flooded bushes. Later
Name: Joel Illig
Gary Wheeler: Fished at night with lights, caught about 60 crappies, all good size. Minnows and white jigs .Caught a few over the slot bass too. We caught a lot more, but we released everyone that wasn’t at least longer than your hand. We fished right across from School House at the mouth of a cove in about 25 feet of water. Only a couple of other boats close by, we could hear a lady yelling every time she’d catch fish, she yells a lot.

APACHE – Lake elevation is 1,910 ft (96 percent full).

Angler are catching fish but are being very tight-lipped about the details. Apache has plentiful yellow bass.

Where:Apache Lake
Technique:Tried night and early morning with drop shot, crank, jig spoon, cleos; No luck but it was beautiful.
Comments:Early reports of dead shad underestimated. Saw thousands of floating dead shad along the edge of lake north of 3 Mile Island.
Paul Courtney
Where: Apache Lake
When: 05/20/08
Caught: Channel Catfish
Technique: Nightcrawlers and shrimp
Comments: Caught this cat off the concrete wallopposite the marina. Just dropped the line straight down from the wall and hauled in an eight pound channel cat. What a surprise!
Name: James & Eric Springer

Where: Apache Lake
When: 03/31/08
Caught: flathead catfish
Technique: liver huge treble hook
Comments: this fish was a monster
Name: Josh

CANYON — Lake elevation is 1659 ft, which is 93-percent full.
Good fishing at Canyon if you use worms. A couple fishermen fished in the morning using worms and they caught 30 “good sized” bluegills, 10 yellow bass, a couple small largemouth bass and three channel catfish.
Angler reports:

Where:Canyon Lake
Caught:2 largemouth bass,1 crappie, and 1 smallie
Technique:Jigging 10-15 ft off shorelines using Westy Worms and shakies.
Comments:Hunter bros caught a 2 lb and 4.8 lb largemouths late night at Canyon when the monsters come out !!!
Kevin Hunter
Where:canyon lake
Caught:3 largemouth bass 2.5lbs and 2-5lbs cats
Technique:caught everything on 6′ motor oil colored worms. The bass were in 10-15 feet of water and bit very softly. The cats were in 15-20 feet of water and were very aggressive
Where: Canyon Lake
When: 05/04/08
Caught: Two 4 lb catfish
Technique: Jiggin with Westys and football Garlin jigs
Comments: Slow fishing only few bites in 6 hours fishing
Name: Kevin Hunter

SAGUARO — Lake elevation 1526 feet at 95-percent full.
Game and Fish along with several volunteers from United Arizona Anglers Foundation stocked 50,000 two inch largemouth bass at Saguaro Lake. There were some delays in the fish delivery and only half of our order was delivered (Gee – welcome to our world). Once delivered, the fish had to soak in a 6-hour ‘bath’ to receive a mark that enables biologists to differentiate stocked fish from naturally reproduced fish in the system. From Saguaro Lake the marked fish for Canyon and Apache lakes were offloaded into separate stocking trucks. Despite the significant delay, many volunteers still helped with the stocking at Saguaro and Canyon lakes. We would like to give a big thank you to the volunteers from United Arizona Anglers Foundation who made the stocking effort a very smooth transaction – and our apologies for the delay.

This is a hot spot for large bluegill. Perfect for youngsters fishing worms under a bobber. There are also plentiful yellow bass, channel catfish galore, and plenty of yearling bass to catch.

Where:Saguaro Lake/fishing pier butcher jones
Caught:Largemouth and Bluegill
Technique:dropshot: morning dawn, w chartreuse tip and Texas-rigged worm 4 to 6″ various colors
We caught 20 to 30 small bass size 10″ to 14″ and few bluegills on a KastMaster
Jim Tanaka
Caught:6 large mouths and 1 channel cat
Technique: Drop shotting and spinner baits
Comments: the bass were all about 10-12 inches and the cat was about 2lbs.
Name: kevin

Where: Saguaro
Caught: nothing
Technique: drop shoting with Robo-worms
Comments: We were fishing in one of the fishing docks and we only saw someone that whole day catch only a decent size bluegill
Name: Sergio Rodriguez

Where: saguaro
When 05/14/08
Caught: bluegills
Technique: worms and spinners, drifting with the wind
Comments: fish kill noted by the dam across from the marina. Bluegills around 2 doz, all 4″ or less in size.
Name: teri

Where: Saguaro Lake, Butcher Jones Fishing Dock
Caught: Yellow Bass and Bluegill
Technique: KastMasters, spoons, spinners
Comments: Went out fishing for catfish, got 2 halfhearted nibbles, so moved out to the dock and saw that another fisherman was using gold KastMasters and catching yellow bass and bluegills. Lost my gold KastMaster, they started hitting on the silver one. Lost the silver one and they just kept hitting whatever I threw out there. Kept 7 bass, caught and released over 20 all together.
Name: Kristin Purcell

Where: Saguaro
When: 04/27/08
Caught: Largemouth
Technique: Drop shot and crankbait
Comments: All fish were caught in 6-10′ of water. Crankbait was very effective in the windy conditions. We caught about 40 fish in 7 hours. Biggest fish was 1 lb 2 oz. All were released
Name: Michael Rathgeber

Where: Saguaro
When: 04/27/08
Caught: Largemouth and Bluegill
Technique: Fished with worms, spinners and crankbaits.
Comments: My buddy Jason and I took our first fishing trip of the season to Saguaro. A little windy but we caught 22 fish total in 2 1/2 hours (2 bass and 20 bluegills). Fished with worms and spinner baits mostly. Bass weighed about 2 pounds each and the bluegills were the size of a nerf football (fought like a crappie or small bass). Great time and a start to a great season!

BARTLETT – Lake elevation is 1,793 ft, which is 93-percent full.
A couple anglers fished from early morning till early afternoon and caught 25 bass, none of which were huge. All the fish were caught in shallow water less than 10 feet. Crankbaits, jerk baits, chatterbaits, and Carolina-rigged power hawgs were all enticing the bite. Drop shots worked as well with green Robo worms. Fish were hitting in all kinds of structure and areas.

My favorite fishermen were on the lake. The water temp was about 72oF early morning and reached 74oF by 11a.m. Rebel deep Wee-R’s were good lures to use. They caught nine bass before 5:30 a.m. and most were around 1.5 pounds with the biggest one about 3 pounds. Carolina rigging with small beavers worked well a little later after the Rebels lost their allure. They fished in relatively shallow water around 18 feet or so.
Angler reports:

Jake wrote: We tried our luck with an overnight fishing trip to Bartlett. Caught 20 bluegills, 5 catfish and one 3-pound bass. Bass was caught with a spinnerbait. Bluegills and cats were caught with worms and chicken liver. Tried fishing for larger cats at night with live bluegill. No luck with the big Cats, the rise in water level from last year changed things a bit. We’ll try to figure out the big Cats next trip. Overall a great time catching fish.

Where: Bartlett
Caught: Big Lip Bass LOL
Technique: Grubs, spinners, jigs, work the shoreline slowly
Comments: I caught 4 myself, and my two buddies I usually go with caught 7 each. The weather was ROUGH. 1 other boat on the lake, the waves got so bad we had to leave FAST
Name: John L Dowden

Where: Bartlett
Caught: catfish and bluegill
Technique: Hot dogs
Comments: bass very slow,,, looks like most suspended would not bite
Name: Jim

Where: Bartlett Lake
Caught:25 30 largemouth bass
Technique: We used a combination of drop shot and X-Raps.
Comments: We caught most of the smaller males within 10′ of the bank and the larger females on the beds. The water was 70? with the debris all up on the shore. We were there from 6:00 to 1:30 in the northern end.
Name: Steve and Bev Mueller

Where: Bartlett Lake
Caught: Bluegill
Technique: Bobbin & hook, with night crawlers
Comments: Family outing; our 10-year-old son’s first time; he caught 34 bluegills (catch & release) from the bank at SB Cove between 10 a.m.-5p.m.
Name: Jimmie McElroy

HORSESHOE – Lake elevation is at 2,015 feet, which is 75percent full. They are releasing water at 900 cfs.

VERDE RIVER – Verde River flow at Tangle is 90 cubic feet per second. Release from Bartlett Lake is 950 cfs.

SALT RIVER – Salt River into Roosevelt is 632 cfs, and Salt River Canyon is 599 cfs. They are releasing 575 cfs out of Stewart Mountain dam from Saguaro.

LOWER SALT RIVER (below Saguaro Lake) – Next trout stocking is scheduled for the week of June 9 and 23 at Blue Point Bridge and Water Users. Don’t forget your Tonto Pass.

A good technique for spin anglers (ultra-light or lightweight rods) is to use night crawlers with little or no weight cast slightly upstream into the riffles. Let the current carry the bait downstream to any deep pool or back eddy.

For small spinners (or casting spoons like small KastMasters), cast perpendicular to the flowing current and maintain tension on the spinner by slowly reeling in as the current sweeps the lure downstream. Typically, once the spinner gets at least to a 45- to 60-degree angler downstream from you, it will spin with increased action, which can often cause a trout to hit.
Where:lower salt river
Caught:rainbow trout
Technique:fly rod…
Comments:Another beautiful day… water level down a bit from last week. Keep up the great work, it keeps my mind off ” NOT ” being drawn for big game.

Where: Lower Salt River – Water Users
Caught:11 Rainbow Trout
Technique: Fly Fishing – 7 on a beaded prince nymph, 1 on a red San Juan worms, 3 on a home made olive green fly similar to a scud.
Comments: Not much luck between 7-8:30 AM. Fish started biting around 8:30AM, and really took off at about 9 AM. Area started getting packed with tubers around 10 AM. All in all a good morning. – Eric Moody
Name: Eric Moody

Where Lower Salt River
Caught: rainbow trout
Technique: fly rod…
Comments: fish were biting on everything I threw. Literally. I even put on a piece of Styrofoam (just out of curiosity ) and caught fish. Cast upstream and let it float down. Many thanks to the 2 …who crowded my fishing hole. Then brought their 5 other buddies. You have said it before, PLEASE USE COMMON COURTESY. thank you

Where: Lower Salt River
Caught: Two large mouth bass (~1lb, 0.5lb), one beer can
Technique: Larger fish was caught on a Berkeley Gulp Bat Wing Frog (June-Bug color). Smaller fish on a floating Rapala minnow (gold fish color).
Comments: Best to go with weedless sets due to increase in aquatic vegetation over the last month. Best to avoid the major put-ins and walk the banks looking for openings.
Name: Dr. Corey Devin Anderson
CREEKS – Fly-fishing is picking up in the streams.

Haigler Creek – Nymphs and leaches are a good bet.

Canyon Creek – Try nymph patterns, caddis, pheasant tails, hares ears and midges, mostly in the mornings and evenings. Try dry fly action in the evening.

Christopher Creek — Desert Sportsman suggests using a dry dropper with a nymph below, not just in Christopher but other streams as well.

Where: Christopher Creek
Caught:2 largemouth bass (15″ each)
Technique: Yellow spinners
Comments: Not sure what largemouth bass are doing in Christopher Creek, or who put them there, but there they were–probably a dozen of them lurking in a small pool.
Name: Jake Poinier

Tonto Creek – Fly fishermen are reporting good fishing but I have no details to give.

East Verde – No reports.

HORSETHIEF BASIN LAKE – Lake level is up, fishing is okay.

Where: Horsethief Lake
When: 04/13/08
Caught: Largemouth Bass & Bluegills
Technique: Worms under a bobber
Comments: The lake has risen about 5 vertical feet, to just below the spillway line on the east end of the dam. Large bluegills and small largemouth bass can be seen along the entire shoreline. The bluegills are very shallow and appear to be on the beds, protecting / spawning offspring. The bass are keeping a short distance from the bluegills. Close enough to be looking for an easy meal, but staying out of an aggressive bluegill’s imaginary “don’t get too close” line. This place has made a dramatic improvement from the same conditions last year at this time. Let’s hope it stays that way. The road past Crown King seems much rougher than last time I came up here (and I was in a 4WD). Crown King had an impressive amount of snow (for them) this winter and I wonder if this may be the reason. Take it slow and very easy to avoid tearing up your truck. I wouldn’t recommend a low clearance vehicle. Watch out for idiots, there were many of them all over the area, driving way to fast for the conditions.
Name: Mike Parks

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