Central Waters Fishing Report

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September 18th, 2009

URBAN LAKES – Fish stocking is scheduled to resume the week of Sept. 21 with catfish. The Urban Program will check the water quality the week before the fish are stocked to make sure all is well.  The fishing will begin to pick up with nighttime temperatures dipping into the 70s and water temps reaching the low 80s.

Mealworms will still entice the bluegill fished under a bobber or off the bottom all day long.  Catfish in the system are a bit more wary now that they have been around the block a time or two.  Fish for them in the morning and evening hours and be innovative with your bait.  They have seen it all, so you need to trick them or give them something they can’t resist.  Try wrapping up some Canadian bacon on your hook if you have some in your fridge that is looking a bit peaked.

Where: papago park
When: 09/05/09
Caught: blue gill & talapia
Technique: wax worms
Comments: best day fishing with my son on our day out several nice blue gill and talapia the best was the bluegill over one pound and the two talapia over a pound
Name: harry bland

TEMPE TOWN LAKE – Don’t forget about this lake, it’s convenient for both boaters and shore anglers.  For boaters try fishing around the bridge pillars and any overhanging vegetation.  The shore fishing areas can be productive.  Mealworms or earthworms usually will get you bass, catfish or redear if fished off the bottom with a weighted leader of about 18 inches.  Bluegill will take mealworms or worm pieces fished under a bobber.  Try crayfish imitations both the soft plastics and crankbait as an alternative.

Don’t forget the current bag limit for largemouth bass at Town Lake is four fish per day with a 13-inch minimum length restriction.

There are also no gas powered boats allowed on the lake and Tempe Town Lake permits are available at the City of Tempe Town Lake Operations Center, 620 N. Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281. Phone: (480) 350-8625..

LAKE PLEASANT - Lake elevation 1,648 ft (46-percent full).

With a new moon on Friday, Sept. 18, fishing at night using submersible lights, especially for stripers, should be a good technique. Use anchovies with little or no weight. Chumming can help keep a striper school in the target zone once one has been located. Try along the submerged creek channels in the northern part of the lake, or near the dam.

Where:lake pleasantWhen:09/13/09
Caught:same as last time a few large mouth small though
Technique:drop shot Robo worm try everything else but that’s about all live caught anything on this year
Name:andrew althaus

An angler fished Lake Pleasant and brought home 32 stripers and four catfish.  He used anchovies.  Mid-lake near the eastern shore was a good area, but it wasn’t the only good spot.  Fish were around 50 and 60 feet deep.  Other fishermen are still doing well near the tires, but you do have to sink your bait fast to avoid the little guys from nabbing the bait.

ROOSEVELT LAKE — Lake Elevation is 2,136 ft (82-percent full).  Tonto Creek runoff is 2 cfs while inflow from the Salt River is at 136 cfs.

and topwater lures are good early morning tactics. Flipping worms in the brush is a good technique as long as you have plenty of patience when you have to extricate your “weedless” presentations. It also helps to fine tune your jerk bait methodology alongside submerged trees and other structure. A couple anglers caught 30 bass using these techniques.

A fisherman fished from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and caught 7 bass over the slot, a couple under the slot and a whole bunch in the slot. All were caught around 25 to 35 feet deep and he used Texas-rigged worms. His fishing suggestion is to go deep and green.

Another couple fishermen fished this last weekend and couldn’t buy a fish.

A good suggestion is since you’re out there anyway, take notes on water temp, weather patterns, barometric pressure (that’s a big one), not only the sun and moon phases but more importantly the sun/moon rises and sun/moon sets and what time of day you are catching your fish. Before you go fishing get the information on the sun/moon sets and rises, let that be one of your guides for a couple months, if only to test what I am saying.

With a new moon on Friday night, this might be a good weekend to try for crappie using submersible lights. Let us know how you do.
APACHE - Lake elevation is 1,906 ft (92-percent full). An angler reported catching some nice bass at Apache over the Labor Day weekend. This is a good time to load up on yellow bass — try gold KastMasters or mealworms.

CANYON LAKE – Lake elevation is 1,658 feet, which is 96-percent full. Bass anglers don’t usually have high catch rates here, but the quality of the bass is often good.

A dad and son team fished from 4 to 8:30 a.m. and caught 11 largemouth and 1 smallmouth bass from 1.5 to 3 pounds.  All were caught on crankbaits 5 to 6 feet in depth.

Two other anglers fished in the evening from 4:30 to 9:30 and boated 8 largemouth bass.  Sounds like bite heated up while the moon came up. The fish were biting on Texas-rigged crawfish.  The bluegill liked the Robo worms.  Most the fish were caught in shallow water between 2 and 15 feet deep.  The bass were healthy and feisty with the biggest one a little over 3 pounds.

SAGUARO LAKE – Lake elevation 1,524 feet at 92-percent full. This lake is slowly coming back, but anglers are often pulling in nice mixed creels of largemouth bass and yellow bass. Channel catfish angling is usually good as well.

One angler fished from 5:30 till about 10:30 p.m.  Fishing started out kind of slow using spinners, jerkbaits and some drop-shots.  KastMasters were successful in luring catfish, yellow bass, bluegills and small largemouth bass.  Once it got dark Texas-rigged power worms became more effective as time went on.  The bass were caught mostly below 25 feet deep.  Release is 1,447 cfs..

BARTLETT – Lake elevation is 1,793 feet, which is 93-percent full.  Reservoir release is 115cfs. The continuing high lake level bodes well for this lake as we head into the fall season. Expect the topwater action to be good at first and last light.

An angler caught bass steady all morning using Texas-rigged skirted grubs and drop shot Robo worms in boulder areas in the coves.  Most fish were between 1 and 2 pounds.

With a new moon on Friday night, this is a good time to fish at night for crappies using submersible lights. Try along the Yellow Cliffs or farther uplake where the channel narrows.

HORSESHOE – Lake elevation is at 1950 feet. No pool.  They are releasing water at 250 cfs.

VERDE RIVER – Verde River flow at Tangle is 268 cubic feet per second.  Release from Bartlett Lake is 115 cfs..

Where:On the Verde river, between horseshoe lake and Bartlett lake
Caught:15 lb Flathead and 8lb Channel
Technique:Worms and chicken liver
Comments:We caught most of our 25+ fish between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Released them all.

SALT RIVER – Salt River into Roosevelt is 150 cfs, and Salt River Canyon is 158 cfs.  They are releasing 1,447 cfs out of Stewart Mountain dam from Saguaro.

LOWER SALT RIVER — Stewart Mtn. Dam (below Saguaro Lake) release is 1,447 cfs. No recent angler reports.

Terrestrials such as hoppers and ants are getting the attention of trout.  The large trout seem to be interested in streamers and minnow imitations. Early October the trout will begin to bed so it would be nice to let them do their thing without too much interference.  It’s always nice to have the wild stock in there.

* Haigler Creek – Has not been stocked since July.
* Canyon Creek – No recent reports.  Stocked last week with 180 rainbow trout.
* Tonto Creek –   No recent reports. Has not been stocked since August.
* Christopher Creek – Has been stocked. Get there early.
* East Verde – No recent reports. Has not been stocked since July.
* Workman Creek – No recent reports. Has not bee stocked since May.

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