Arizona Crappie Report

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October 21st, 2009

As the lake’s surface temps drop the crappie are starting to school up but are still pretty much inactive. The Bob Hirsch Crappie Classic (hosted by the Arizona Crappie Association) was at Roosevelt Lake this past weekend. Out of 13 teams only 10 crappies were caught with the biggest being 1 lb 7 ozs, a nice fish by any standards but not a monster. Several teams reports big schools of crappie on the Salt River end near Schoolhouse and Wye Cove.

Art Chamberlin of C&C Guide Service out of Tonto Basin and his team caught 3 crappies for 1st place. Art always seems to find them and is a great choice for a guide fishing trip. Bill Poppert, vice president of the AZCA and his partner Brian Benedetto also caught 3 crappies at 30 to 40’ deep over 50’ of water for 2nd place. Other teams found them schooled up at 10 to 15’ over 30’.  My team took a chance and went to some old mid-lake honey holes but we could not find any schools. We did catch one crappie and several bass trolling Norman “Deep Tiny N” crankbaits. One saving grace was that the weather was awesome. It was the nicest weekend I’ve had at the lake in years.

Special thanks goes out to Steve and the entire Hirsch family for allowing us to honor such a great man with our fall event. Bob was an avid angler and hunter. Through his works and writings he did as much to support and promote outdoor sports in Arizona as much as anyone ever has. He is missed but will never be forgotten.

Alamo- I got a report of large schools of Crappie on the south end of the lake. I would try near the dam and across from the main launch ramp. Also, trolling along the steep cliff walls is a good winter pattern.

Bartlett- Still slow but I did hear of some local guys doing pretty good there last week. However, I don’t know where they fished and what they used.

Pleasant- No reports

Roosevelt- Water surface temps are in the mid 70’s and the Crappie are starting to moving out into open water. There should be some great fishing soon.

San Carlos- The lake is at 3% and dropping with the deepest water at about 20’. I heard that the Crappie are really stacked up around the dam but launching and navigating are extreme tough. If you go to SC right now be very, very careful. They’ll need a 4X4 truck to launch on the east side of Soda Canyon point. And on the water I would not go any faster any idle speed.

If you need any help I’m working the 2 p.m. to close shift this week at Bass Pro Shops.

Bill Eveland


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