Bill’s Crappie Report

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June 17th, 2009

Well it was a slow week for me. I missed 3 days of work with the flu and didn’t get to go fishing. Plus the full moon made night fishing tough. I did hear some good reports though.

Jason from the east valley took his dad to Roosevelt over the weekend and did pretty good at night for Crappie and bass. It was their first time Crappie fishing and their first time night fishing. Most of the Crappie came on a minnow under a bobber and a few came on feather jigs. I believe they had two 21″ green tube lights and a white light.

Tip- Remember that during a full moon you really need more light. Green light is the best but a white light can really help with a bright moon in the sky.

Early last week I heard from some Slab hunter from Globe. They are still doing real good at night at San Carlos up by the dam. Set up in 35′ of water near a point or in a cove and fish minnows under a bobber about 8′ deep. Try jigs as well.

A lot of smaller Crappie have been coming out of Alamo. This is kind of unusual as Alamo is known for its 2 to 3 pound slabs. It does however show that the spawns have been good and there will be some big slabs for years to come.

Tip- When you find small Crappie fish just a little deeper. The bigger fish often stay towards the bottom of the school.

Bill Eveland

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