Southeastern Arizona

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November 26th, 2008

TUCSON URBAN — Rainbow trout stockings have started and will continue all winter long at two week intervals.  Trout range in size from 11-12 inches in length, with some recently stocked fish in the 14-18 inch range.  Fishing is good to excellent for anglers using scented dough baits (such as Power Bait), worms or small trout lures.  Small spinners such as Rooster Tails and Panther Martins, or spoons such as KastMasters and Super Dupers work well for trout in the early morning. In addition to a good morning bite, some anglers have reported excellent fishing midday and late afternoon. Patience is the key, as the trout bite sporadically throughout the day. When the bite is on, anglers are catching limits in an hour.  Action for catfish, bass and bluegill is poor due to colder water temperatures that slow down the activity of these warm water species. Trout fishing is good to excellent at Green Valley lakes in Payson with Power Bait, worms and small spinners working best.

Stocking update:
* Phoenix Area Lakes – Last stocked trout Nov. 13. Next stocking, trout week of Nov. 24-29.
* Tucson Area Lakes – Last stocked trout Nov. 13. Next stocking, trout week of Nov. 24-29.
* Green Valley Lakes (Payson) – Last stocked trout Nov. 13. Next stocking, trout week of Nov. 24-29.

2008 Urban fishing licenses (Class U) is 50-percent off until the end of the year.  Some vendors may not know of the 50-percent off status.  Please remind them, and they can call Game and Fish to confirm.

We have some impressive entries so far in the Urban Fishing Program 2008 Big Fish-of-the-Year contest.  Topping the list as a 10.2-pound channel catfish caught by Shay Denniston from Lakeside Lake in Tucson.  A 5.25 pound incentive stocked rainbow trout was caught from Water Ranch Lake in January by Tony Morello.  Louis Hoeniger has been busy with three catch and release records all from Papago Ponds: a 25-inch catfish, 18-inch largemouth bass and an 8-inch bluegill.

With only two months to go, there are plenty of chances to report your big fish catches in either of two categories; kept or released. Application forms and instructions for the contest are in the current Urban Fishing Program brochure or AZ Fishing Regulation booklet.  Updates on the current leaders can be checked out on our website at  Each year’s winners receive a certificate, hat and other gifts.

Where:Lakeside lake
Caught:One three pound catfish one keeper trout and my bag limit of sunfish
Technique:Fish off the handy-cap pier using a bobber and night crawlers for bait
Comments:took my sister and my brother-in and my two nephews
Name:Michael Macbeth

Where:Silverbell lake
Caught:22-pound 9-ounce carp
Technique:chicken liver, slip sinker ten inches above hook
Comments:biggest fish I ever caught.
Name:Ryan Coop
RIGGS FLAT — The lake is closed for the winter.

CLUFF RANCH — No recent reports of success.  The lake will be stocked trout last week.  A new fishing pier has been installed which should provide a large increase in access for shore anglers.  For lake information call (928) 485-9430.

ROPER LAKE — No recent reports of success. The lake will be stocked with trout this week.  For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

DANKWORTH POND — No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

FRYE MESA RESERVIOR – The lake has been stocked but no reports of success have been received.  Early morning and late evenings should produce fish though.

KEARNY LAKES — Reports are that the fishing has been good.  Anglers are reminded that the limit for trout at this lake is 4 fish.

ARIVACA — A 9 pound largemouth bass was reported over the weekend.  No other reports have been received.  The lake level continues to drop however anglers are not reporting problems with launching.  Please use caution on the sides of the ramp.  Erosion has caused some problems and we are working to repair it as quickly as possible.  The fishing remains slow as water temps continue to cool.  Anglers are asked to please be aware of your wake so as not to disrupt other anglers fishing from other boats and the shore.  Remember that all bass must be immediately released back to the water.

PENA BLANCA – Pena Blanca Lake is closed.

PATAGONIA — The lake was stocked last week with trout.  No reports of angler success have been received.  Warmwater species will continue to slow as cooler temperatures prevail.

PARKER CANYON — The store at Parker Canyon is closed and currently there are no plans by the Forest Service to re-open it.  Anglers needing a license will need to purchase that prior to arriving at the lake.  The aquatic vegetation has been cut but anglers may still experience difficultly.  The lake will be stocked next week with trout.
Where:Parker Canyon Lake
Caught:Rainbow Trout & Sunfish
Technique:Fly fishing from inflatable pontoon. Most success with a big flashy wooly-bugger trailing a tiny beadhead pheasant tail about 18 inches behind the bugger. All trout took the nymph.
Comments:Fished from sunrise to sunset. Kind of slow, but a beautiful day. Clear and little wind. Lots of risers, but they weren’t taking surface flies. Most bites came a few feet under the surface. Caught trout in phases right around noon and then around 4pm. Sunfish were feeding at the weedline and fought aggressively.

ROSE CANYON LAKE — Anglers are having some success catching trout.  Recent reports are that anglers are having success catching Brown trout.  The lake is closed for the winter and anglers wishing to fish this lake will have to hike in.

Where:Rose Canyon
Caught:rainbow and brown trout
Technique:worms on bobers (hi-tek)
Comments:took bride on her 1st fishing trip, she braved the cold and wind to catch her limit in about 3 hrs. Lady Luck.

Where:Rose Canyon Lake
Caught:8 Rainbow Trout
Technique:Bottom Fishing with power bait and worms and then Bobber with worms
Comments:The Fishing was good in the morning on the bottom and then later in the day they came up and the bobber was getting some good hits and landed 2 nice size trouts
Name:James Sorensen

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