Fishing Questions: What kind of fish this is?

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February 19th, 2009
What kind of fish is this?

What kind of fish is this?

Hello, My name is Daniel. My 3 year old daughter (Tori) hooked this fat monster fish. It was super fat and healthy. It weighed over 20 pounds. I had to assist land this thing but she did fight it for a bit. We caught it at Kawanis lake. I’ve caught these in the past but really don’t know what kind of fish it is. Can you please let me know what kind of fish this is? We ended up hooking 4 of these big fish but only landed the one. We were using #10 hooks and #10 line so I’m surprised we even landed one without snapping the line. I had one that was even bigger than this but it broke my line as I tried to get it over the concrete banking. We also caught 11 rainbows, 10 blue gill and 2 bass. We tossed them all back except 2 nice rainbows.  I also caught a 2 pound rainbow out of the same lake a week before. Corn, worms, salmon eggs and meal worms are the ticket. 8am-10am then 11:30am till 12:30 and then again 3:30 till dark are the times to fish at this lake. The times between are slow so thank goodness for the slides for the kids. :o )  Thank you much and tell Cissie Bennit I said hi.

Daniel and Tori



Thanks for the e-mail and congrats on the fish. Your daughter did an excellent job landing that fish on 10lb line! The fish is most likely a carp, as indicated by the barbels on the corners of the mouth. Goldfish will not have those. Also, because of the scale pattern, it is likely an Israeli carp. They are still the same species as common carp, Cyprinus carpio, but these were specially bred to have fewer scales. The color, however, is indicative more of a Koi or a goldfish than an Israeli carp, and there is a  possibility that what you have is a cross breed between an Israeli carp and a goldfish, as they can hybridize in nature. Regardless of what it was, I’m sure it put up a heck of a fight.

If you catch another one, you can keep it and bring it in to the office for an ID or take a better picture up close so we can count the dorsal and anal fin rays.

Dave Weedman
Arizona Game and Fish Department

4 Responses to “Fishing Questions: What kind of fish this is?”

  1. Nice Idea on the Carp I believe you got it right on the nose.

  2. i need to know what type of fishing for the month of april and may. and the bait to use.

  3. Boy Leimar, that is a very loaded question. What (type of fish are you gonna target), where (are you going to be fishing) & type ( lakes, rivers, streams or ponds). The “when” we know by your post (April & May). Some more info would be helpful. Have a boat, float tube, waders or just a bank fishing? Anyways, good luck and good fishing to you. Jim

  4. its a asian carp i fish with the little ones in paylakes and catch 10 to 50lb catfish but ive also caught a 5lb asian carp out of a paylake

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