North Central Region

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December 10th, 2008
Note: Expect to find some ice around the rims of the lakes, especially in the morning.



KAIBAB LAKE — Campground area is closed.

CATARACT LAKE — Campgrounds are closed. Must walk in to fish


DOGTOWN LAKE — Campground area is closed.

JD DAM — Road is open.

RUSSEL TANK – No reports.

SANTA FE — Lake is full.

WHITEHORSE LAKE — Campgrounds are closed.  Must walk in to fish.

Where: Whitehorse Lake
When: 11/15/08
Caught: trout
Technique: meal worms with a bobber
Comments: caught and released our limit. Kids enjoyed the bike ride in and want to return soon.
Name: Sonny Smith

LOWER LAKE MARY — A fish kill has occurred.  There may not be any fish left.

UPPER LAKE MARY — The lake is full.

Where: Upper Lake Mary
When: 11/23/08
Caught: One Northern Pike
Technique: Frozen Anchovy
Comments: I fished Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday and caught the pike on an anchovy near the dam. It was about 16 inches long and seemed well fed with lots of color. What I would like to know is why I didn’t catch or even hook any yellow perch although I also fished with night crawlers much of the time. I fished all along the northern side of Lake Mary including the dam area. Where were the perch and what were they doing? The water temperature was, on my thermometer, 44 degrees. Thanks I didn’t see others catch anything either. Of course as always the lake and surrounding country side was very beautiful, especially around five thirty on Saturday when strange sounds from most probably disturbed elk could be heard from the opposite of the lake. Quite eerie and definitely very interesting and since I was by myself a little scary. Once again thanks for your web site.
Name: Ron Redlin

ASHURST LAKE — The lake is full, the road is open.  .

FRANCIS SHORT POND – Stocked last week.

KINNIKINICK LAKE — Road was still open last weekend.

Where: Kinnickinick Lake
When: 12/06/08
Caught: 22 Rainbow Trout
Fished from the bank using mostly worms and corn about 3 or 4 feet under a bobber.
Comments: Took Rory’s advice to sneak in a fishing trip while up north for a ride on the Polar Express. We had 3 adults and 4 kids who fished from about 11am to 3:30pm. Had the lake to ourselves except for the watchful eye of a bald eagle supervising our catch. 2 of the kids caught their first ever fish (and second and third!).
Name: Chris Motley

Where: Kinnikinkick
Caught:3 lb. Rainbow
Technique: Secret Formula
Comments: Two bald eagles greeted me at the entrance. I had the entire lake to myself. Fished the east side by the dead tree in the water, all hits and catches within 10 feet of shoreline.
Name: Thom Rogers

MARSHALL LAKE —  Road was still open last weekend. No Fish.

OAK CREEK — Fishing is fair. A few small rainbow trout are being caught on flies.  This may be the tail end of the brown trout spawn.

LONG LAKE — Lake is open.  Water level is good.  Lake has been stocked.

SOLDIERS & SOLDIERS ANNEX — Lakes are open. No report.

BEAVER CREEK —  No report. Has been stocked this season.

WEST CLEAR CREEK —   No report.  Has been stocked this season.


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