North Central Region

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February 26th, 2009

Note:  Always check on road conditions before venturing afield.

Williams Lakes:

KAIBAB LAKE —  Lake is accessible via four-wheel drive vehicles, and the lake is only half-covered with ice (as of last weekend), and the fishing was decent. These early season trout will sometimes readily gulp down delectable items they haven’t seen for some time, like wiggling night crawlers or meal worms.

CATARACT LAKE — Campgrounds are closed. Must walk in to fish


DOGTOWN LAKE — Campground area is closed.

JD DAM — No reports.

RUSSEL TANK – No reports.

SANTA FE — Lake is full. No reports

WHITEHORSE LAKE — Campgrounds are closed. No reports.
Flagstaff Lakes:

LOWER LAKE MARY — Dry, but with more precipitation, might fill again this coming season.

UPPER LAKE MARY — The lake is full but expect ice cover.

ASHURST LAKE — The lake is full. Access is apparently closed. Probably ice covered.

FRANCIS SHORT POND – No report. Likely ice covered.

KINNIKINICK LAKE — Access conditions unknown.  Road is likely closed.

MARSHALL LAKE — Access conditions unknown.  Road is likely closed.

LONG LAKE — Lake is open but access may be questionable.  Water level is good.  Lake has been stocked.  This lake was producing some nice trout and pike last fall, so might be worth a try this spring.


BEAVER CREEK — No report. Scheduled for stocking the week of March 9. It is possible to pick up some holdover trout in the creek well upstream from the crossing.

WEST CLEAR CREEK — No report. Was last stocked in the fall and won’t be stocked again until the week of March 9. However, this stream can have some nice holdover fish in the deeper pools upstream in the rugged canyon..


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  1. John R. Morgan Sr on April 12th, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    Need to update road closures more frequently for it is April and last report for Ashurst Lake was February. When will the road be open to the lake etc.

  2. Here on the website John, 4/16/09. (Quote)

    Rory’s tips: Also, the road is now open into Ashurst Lake near Flagstaff. Jim

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