Fishing Report – Dec. 7, 2010

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December 13th, 2010

Rory’s tips:

Stocking update just in (Dec. 10). The Page Springs Hatchery this week stocked the following:

  • Tempe Town Lake, 3,760 rainbows, water temp 58 F.
  • Dead Horse Ranch, 3,008 rainbows, water temp 44F.
  • Canyon Lake, 3,760 rainbows, 59 F.
  • Verde River, 2,256 rainbows, 52 F.
  • Fain Lake, 1,105 rainbows, 43 F.
  • Fortuna Pond (Yuma), 1,320 rainbows, 62 F.
  • Yuma West Wetland, 880 trout, 58 F.
  • Redondo Pond (Yuma), 1,760 trout, 60 F.
  • Roper Lake, 3,807 rainbows, 53 F.
  • Cluff Pond, 1,293 trout, 48 F.
  • Graham County Pond, 235 trout, 48 F.
  • Roper Lake, 3,807 rainbows, 53 F.

Next week’s scheduled stockings include Oak Creek, Frances Short (Flagstafff), Parker Canyon Lake, Pena Blanca Lake, Patagonia Lake, Tempe Town Lake, Lower Salt River, Saguaro Lake.

By the way, an angler told me about a good how-to fillet video, check it out:

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled tips.

My biggest tip for all outdoor enthusiasts this week is to look skyward at night for the annual Geminids meteor showers, especially with a waxing crescent moon (full moon is Dec. 21). It can be spectacular in our Arizona night sky. It will peak Dec. 12 & 13. For more information, here is a link to NASA’s Space Weather

Also keep in mind the winter solstice is Dec. 21, which marks the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere. It’s the shortest day of the year coupled with the longest night of the year (and a full moon as well).

On calm nights, night fishing for stripers can be productive at places like Pleasant and Havasu. With a million or so holiday lights near London Bridge, Havasu can be a dramatic place to fish during the holidays. By the way, seeing meteors streaking across the winter sky while being reflected in the mirror-like water is spectacular.

For more trout tips, read the holiday fishing article below.

With most of the country feeling the cold effects of an artic chill down, we in Arizona can count our blessings with daytime temperatures in the 70s. It’s great weather to get out fishing and hunting. Don’t forget that our tree squirrel season now lasts until Dec. 31. We did that so youngsters on their winter break can go hunt squirrels.

The late dove season is underway, it’s a great time to go quail hunting, and waterfowl season is also here. You might even want to combine all three (with some rabbits thrown in to sweeten the pot) and visit the desert water tanks.

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