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March 20th, 2009

Rory has once again taken to the lakes and is currently out fishing. So for this week, I, Jim Harken, “fishing guru-in-training” am filling in for Rory. (Don’t worry, Rory will be back next week with new tips!)

I wish I had some earth shaking fishing tips to share with you, but sadly, all I can seem to come up with is just simply “Keep trying.”

If you’re not out fishing or at least shopping for fishing tackle, how are you supposed to catch any fish? The weather outside, at least in the Phoenix area, is just about perfect for getting a line in the water. It’s nice and cool in the early morning and late evening. You have no excuse to not get out and cast that line. Even up North around Page and Flagstaff, where I was this past weekend, it sure felt to me like perfect fishing weather. Isn’t it time to get your own fishing story?

My personal Arizona fish story happened last year about this time. We had just wrapped up a very successful Outdoor Expo and I had a few days to kick back after all the setup and tear down work was complete. Thursday morning, I dropped off my wife Mary at work at 8 a.m. and headed for Tempe Town Lake. By 8:30 I was happily casting my line and my trusty “Ratlin’ Rapala” into the shadows of the Mill Avenue bridges. Rory had told me that where the shadow comes into the light is the best area to try for the fish in that lake.

About 10 a.m. and several hundred casts later, I felt that familiar tingle in my fingers as a fish took the bait! I pulled back on my fishing rod, set the hook firmly in his mouth and began to reel in my prize.

Up out of the water came the nicest looking 13 inch large-mouth bass I had seen in some time. It had probably been about 3 years since I had been out fishing. As I took him off the hook and laid him on the top of the wall to marvel at, I thought that no one would believe me about my fish. I whipped out my cell phone and snapped a picture so I could show Mary, and of course Rory, and tell them that I had caught a fish. The pictures here are in hopes that people will believe this fish story. Of course I’m a catch and release fishermen and gently placed the bass back into the lake so that another fisherperson could have the thrill of catching him.

I’m sad to say that I’ve only been out one other time since last year. It’s probably about time to get back out there and try my luck at catching old “Bob the Bass” again, but the key there is that I need to get back out there.

Now is the time! Get your rod and reel out and make sure it’s in good working order. While you’re dreaming of a day at the lake or stream, start planning that fishing trip. I know through these reports that the fish are biting and if we all close our eyes we can feel that familiar tingle in our fingers of a live one taking the bait.

My tip for this week is simply this: Get out there and fish! How many chances are there going to be? Stop just moving that pole around as you get other equipment, you need to get trolling! I look forward to hearing your stories, and you never know I might just see you out there. And as Rory the “Fishing Guru” always says: “Go catch a memory.”

PS: During a recent survey of boaters, it was determined that most Arizona boaters are not only aware quagga mussels have invaded some of our waters, 83 percent of them recognize that these rapidly-reproducing mollusks are an ecological threat. The word is getting out.

So DON’T MOVE A MUSSEL and be sure to CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY you boat after each time on any waterway to help prevent the spread of quagga mussels and other unwanted invasive species.

We all have to do our part to combat unwanted hitchhikers. All of us boaters are the first line of defense.

Hit the water! It’s Boating and Fishing Time!

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