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August 20th, 2009

With a new moon this week (Aug. 20), your submersible lights should work very well. Even though night fishing will still be viable technique for the next month or so in the warmwater lakes, this is also the time of year when many anglers start transitioning back to daytime fishing.

Remember, each day will be around 2 minutes shorter, and the nights a corresponding two minutes longer. Plus nighttime temperatures are falling. All of this will combine to slowly reduce the water temperatures in our lakes. Dropping water temperatures can get the fish to feeding more actively. It can be a slow and gradual process, but sometimes sport-fish will have dramatic feeding frenzies as well.

Also, with the possibility of moisture coming into the state this weekend, we could actually see fish getting more active in the warmwater and coldwater fisheries. We’ll see what happens.
Anglers have reported that buzzbaits at Bartlett have been working pretty much all day. That most likely means other topwater baits might work as well. Hopefully, this will be the leading edge of the great topwater action, not just at Bartlett, but at the other lakes .
I have heard from a few anglers at Pleasant that there is plenty of action at the surface, but they are having trouble catching the fish. Sometimes, small stripers or young-of-the-year bass will just hit lures without getting hooked. Try downsizing, such as using quarter-ounce KastMasters, and retrieving them like crankbaits. There are also some smaller topwater lures and jerkbaits that might work as well.

A group of anglers reported a striper bonanza near the elevation marker heading up the Agua Fria Arm. Check out the report below.

I am pleased to pass along an angler report for Patagonia Lake in southern Arizona, although he did not leave his name. The lake is full, and there is some topwater action for largemouth bass, and the sunfish are biting on meal worms for the kids. Thanks for the report, there has been a long silence from anglers down that way providing positive information.

We are also not hearing a lot from anglers in the Williams or Flagstaff areas. With the cooler nights, trout fishing should be picking up right now. Let us know how you are doing.

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