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September 3rd, 2009

With a full moon this weekend (Sept. 4) and a weather front expected in the state, this might be a good time to transition to daytime fishing in the warmwater lakes. The  storm that blasted parts of Phoenix on Monday night set a nice precedent.

You should see sport-fish activities increase at all our desert impoundments, but Roosevelt, Bartlett, Pleasant and Alamo will likely have the some of the best action for the interior lakes.

Some angler have done well lately at Saguaro Lake, but it might have lots of recreational boaters out for the last major weekend of summer.

Apache Lake has not been getting much pressure, so it might be a good get-away-from-the-crowds place for Labor Day weekend. The few reports we have gotten indicate decent fishing for yellow bass (use gold KastMasters) and largemouth bass. The smallmouth bass have not come back yet.

Another option right now is to fish at night for catfish from the shore. With the full moon, catfish could be feeding actively. Try any stink baits, such as chicken liver. Hot dogs and corn can also work.

Also, bluegills are very active at most of the lakes. Get a couple of containers of meal worms, use small No. 10 or 12 hooks under a bobber, and sit back and play Huck Finn along a shoreline someplace. Great for the kids, or those who just want to feel like one again.

Mead and Powell should top the charts for the Colorado River impoundments, but Havasu can vie for top honors on just about any day.

By the way, a night fisherman at Roosevelt recently hit a 100-crappie night, so watch the rise-and-set times for the moon and you might find a window for some better fishing possibilities.

The Labor Day weekend will likely be the last major rush for the high mountain lakes, and if the storms materialize, trout activity patterns should pick up as well.

The lakes along the Mogollon Rim are always a nice option – not too far a drive for most, and lots of fishing opportunities. Farther afield, Big Lake and Crescent Lake are a good combo – if fish aren’t biting at one, they might be biting at the neighbor lake.

Believe it or not, this is typically the slow time for angler pressure at Lees Ferry, but the fishing is really pretty good. If you want to escape the crowds yet still have a quality fishing experience, this might be it.

Go catch some memories.

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