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September 17th, 2009

There is a new moon on Friday, Sept. 18, so don’t put away your submersible lights yet.

If the warm weather holds, this weekend should provide a good opportunity for night fishing. Try for crappie at Roosevelt, Alamo and Bartlett. Nighttime striper action should still be decent at Pleasant, Mead, Mohave and Havasu.
It also looks like the north country may have periodic thunderstorms popping up, which can actually accelerate the bite at times. But get away from the water when lightning bolts are lighting up the sky. Also, the elk are in the leading edge of the rut, so listen for bugles in the forest, especially at first and last light. You might even hear or see jousting bull elk clashing antlers.

It’s sure been a strange year for weather — our monsoons coming in June, August and September? Keeps life interesting. It will be nice to go into the autumn season with saturated soils in most high country areas. Hope that equates to a spectacular autumn color display coming soon to a mountain near you.
For the warmwater lakes, when the cumulous clouds pile up in the sky and the barometer dips, fishing action can accelerate, especially at the surface. Not sure how much the weather folks are expecting along the desert lakes, but it looks like sporadic T-storm action is possible.
Roosevelt and Alamo are providing some of the best action right now, but fish activity levels should be picking up at all the lakes, so just pick your favorite and go.
Don’t forget about that the first-ever Fossil Creek roundtail chub fishery opens on Oct. 3 (see pic on the right). It’s catch-and-relese, single barbless-hook only. Come join us for the historic event at this unique stream that has played such an integral part in Arizona’s history and development.

Also, the catch-and-release-only section of Silver Creek opens on Oct. 1, so put that on your fishing calendar as well.

One of my favorite fall lakes is Powell, where it is possible to catch so many fish on topwater that your arms and shoulders hurt from reeling them into the boat. Also for you photogs, the changing angle of the sun in autumn helps bring out the subtle hues in the layers of sandstone decorating hoodoos, buttes, mesas, plateaus and precipitous canyon walls.
Another spot of sandstone scenic beauty where you can catch lots of fish in a desert solitaire experience is Lake Mead, where millions of years of the Earth’s geological history are often on up-ended display.
So get out and have a scenic fishing adventure. Maybe I’ll see you out there.

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