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December 19th, 2007

With all the much-needed rain and snow in the watersheds recently, the outlook is bright for this upcoming season. The White Mountains for instance has received more than 7 inches of precipitation. Lake levels, stream levels and river levels are all up. What a great blessing for this holiday season.

The Little Colorado River had high chocolate-looking flows. So did the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon last week thanks to the runoff from the LCR and possible the Paria as well.

And great news at Lees Ferry – the wild trout are entering the spawn and fishing is excellent. This is the first time in three years we have had a December spawn. Take advantage of the opportunity. This is my top fishing choice right now – what a holiday present for all you trout anglers, especially fly anglers. If you go, let me know how you do.

The Salt River and Verde River kicked into high gear there for quite a few days. The Verde was flowing at around 25,000 cfs on Dec. 8 – that means it had higher flows at that time than the Colorado River. The Salt River spiked up to 10,000 cfs for a brief period. This really helps the water outlook, the nutrient outlook and the fishing outlook.

So be sure to get your 2008 license and don’t forget to purchase licenses for your loved ones as well (they make great stocking stuffers). 2008 ought to be a great fishing year. Don’t miss out.

As for fishing right now, my other top picks are: Roosevelt Lake (crappie) Tempe Town Lake (trout), Goldwater Lake (trout), Dead Horse Ranch State Park (trout), Willow Beach (trout), Lake Havasu (smallmouth bass and stripers), Lake Mead (stripers) and the Parker Strip (smallmouth).

Good luck. Maybe I’ll see you out there.

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