Southeastern Arizona

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April 17th, 2008
Southeastern Arizona

Southern Arizona Fishing Outlook
The ample winter rains and snow fall have kept all the regional lakes full. This combined with a large spawn last year should lead to great year of fishing. Water temperatures will warm up soon putting fish into pre-spawn mode causing them to feed voraciously; many personal bests could be beaten this year.

If the summer rains come again like last year, look for easy access at all you favorite southern Arizona lakes, keeping the experience enjoyable. As always, we recommend that lake conditions be checked before heading out to find your lunker

TUCSON URBAN — Fishing activity at Urban Fishing Program lakes is excellent with anglers reporting nice stringers of catfish, aggressive bluegill and hybrid sunfish, some nice bass and a few remaining trout. Fish have been stocked three weeks in a row, with channel catfish stockings starting March 21, followed by hybrid sunfish March 27-28 and more catfish coming the week of March 31-April 5.

On top of all the stockings of big fish, the lakes are producing good action for largemouth bass, bluegill and redear sunfish as all three of these species are in spring spawning mode and moving close to shore. Stockings of the 1-3 pound catfish will continue every two weeks through June. So get out now during these cool spring days to enjoy fishing that is hot, hot, hot!
Worms, stink baits, and shrimp fished on the bottom with a sinker attached about a foot above the baited hook should work well for catching catfish.

Technique:Casting from the bank, STINK BAIT.
Comments:I THINK THAT YOU FINNALLY, GOT IT RIGHT. The fish were perfect, healthy, active really nice looking,,,, & good size. The ones I caught were about 3 pounds each. We had one for dinner , it had an excellent clean-non- greasy taste. Yes, I saw several larger ones caught, 6 to 7 lb. size. We used to drive many miles, took several hours & $100 or more for gas. It’s sure nice to drive 1 mile & spend the time fishing. SO! THE URBAN FISHING PROGRAM IS FOR ME, I’M 71 & IT’S ALL FREE= FOR THE =OLD PIONEER = THANK YOU GLENN
Name: Don Lawing

Where:Silverbell Lake (Urban)
Caught:2 Channel Catfish-17 and 19 inches (2 got away, one was over 20 inches)
Technique:Stink bait and earthworm with a 3/4 ounce weight on the bottom on a tight-line rig
Comments: Used 6 lb. Berkley line; broke with big fish. The cats really biting from 8 AM to 10 AM, then it slowed.
Name: Todd Hout

RIGGS FLAT —Lake is closed for the season.

CLUFF RANCH — No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 485-9430.

Where:Cluff Pond #3When:04/13/08
Caught:Trout, Bass, Bluegill, crappie
Technique:Swim baits, worms, Power Bait.
Comments:Had a great day fishing. the bite was good. I seen some HUGE fish swiming aroud.
Name: Mike
Where:Cluff Ranch
Caught:Trout, Bass, Sunfish
Technique:Night crawlers
Comments:They were biting enough to keep it interesting from 8:30 a.m. until about 4 p.m.!
Name:Mike and Sonja

ROPER LAKE — No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

Where:Roper Lake
Technique:Everything and not a Bite.
Comments:it was a bad day to fish due to rude boater driving over our lines tangling and snaging them.
DANKWORTH POND — No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

FRYE MESA RESERVIOR – No recent reports.

KEARNY LAKES — The golden algae is blooming and the test fish we placed in the lake died almost immediately. The Department has no further plans at this time to try and restock the lake. Later this year once temperatures begin to warm and the threat form golden algae diminishes the Department will re-evaluate the situation.

ARIVACA — Bass fishing is slowly picking up. Anglers are reporting some fish being caught on plastics. Fish are reportedly in 4 to 10 feet of water. Jan. 1 marks a change in the motor restrictions at this lake. Motors 10 horsepower or less will now be legal for use at Arivaca. Remember that all bass must be immediately released back to the water.

PENA BLANCA – Fishing for trout is still good using flies on the surface and some using Power Bait. Blue gills are picking up using worms and some bull heads are being caught with worms on the bottom. Bass are beginning to get ready for the spawn and are on their beds. Be aware that the lake will be drained and renovated late this summer to remove mercury. There is still a mercury warning for all fish in the lake except trout. The lake now has a 10 HP limit but be aware of your wake so as not to disrupt other people fishing in boats or on shore. The mercury advisory for all warm water fish is in effect. Bass less than 13 inches long must be immediately released. The daily bag limit for bass is four. Jan. 1 marks a change in the motor restrictions at this lake. Motors 10 horsepower or less will now be legal for use at Pena Blanca.
PATAGONIA — Bass fishing is a little slow and the bass are getting on their beds. Catfishing is doing well especially at night on flatheads. Some nice ones are coming in by using live bluegill or redear that are caught easily in the lake. Hook them up with a hook under the dorsal and a slip weight. Some trout are still being caught in the deeper water near the dam.

Where:Patagonia Lake
Technique:Worms, spinners, cowbells, marshmallows, shrimp, and anything else I could get my hands on.
Comments:Not even a nibble.
Name:Joann Moore

Where:Patagonia Lake
Technique:Catfish – various Stink baits and worms
Comments:One whole day, no bites, no action and didn’t see anyone else catching anything either – Depressing
Name: Marina Jackson
PARKER CANYON — Stocked with 3,991 trout on March 31. Water conditions at Parker Canyon Lake remain high, with the algae bloom that has been present over the past two years appears to be receding. Trout fishing is fair to good with limits of 10- to 12-inch fat rainbows being taken. All bait types, including live worms, Power Baits, salmon eggs, and lures, are producing fish. One angler even reported that canned pineapples were working for him on trout! The water temperature is approximately 60 degrees, so pre-spawn should begin within the next week or so, depending on daily temperatures. With the water level being high, spawning areas will not be limited as in past years when the level was down. April through the end of May is a great period for anglers to catch a variety of cold and warm water species.

Where:Parker Canyon Lake
Technique:orange Power Bait on a trout rig
Comments:Caught the limit in just over an hour off of the boat launch pier.
Name:O. Gray
Where:Parker Canyon lake
Technique:1/8 oz. Rooster Tail
Comments:Great trout action early in morning working spinner off of points and rocks!! A few bluegills thrown in for good measure!

Where:Parker Lake
Caught:12 inch & 12-1/2 inch Rainbows
Technique:worms or worms with Power Bait
Comments:Fishing was so slow, but the fish were nice. Water much clearer, there were a lot of people there for a weekday. NO sunfish that we love to catch. One nice trout jumped out of the water & got loose. Almost no bites.
Name: Ken & Donna

ROSE CANYON LAKE — The access road is now closed for the season. Anglers can still access the lake by walking in. Please contact the Forest Service for information on when the road will open.

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  1. That sounds like the perfect storm for good fishing. Look forward to hearing updates as the spring progresses.


  2. Fished in early afternoon 3p. Caught 4 nice trout by 5p. Took a break, went back to catch 4 more. Avg size 12″ on orange power bait. Water clean and weeds mimimal. Bank fished.

  3. Good going, Dave. Sounds like you had a great day of fishing. What lake were you at?

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