Southeastern Arizona

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May 28th, 2008
Southeastern Arizona

Southern Arizona Fishing Outlook
The ample winter rains and snow fall have kept all the regional lakes full. This combined with a large spawn last year should lead to great year of fishing. Water temperatures will warm up soon putting fish into pre-spawn mode causing them to feed voraciously; many personal bests could be beaten this year.
If the summer rains come again like last year, look for easy access at all you favorite southern Arizona lakes, keeping the experience enjoyable. As always, we recommend that lake conditions be checked before heading out to find your lunker

TUCSON URBAN — Fishing for catfish continues to be good to excellent the week of stocking. The top bait for the 14-20 inch channel catfish are stink baits fished on the bottom. Other baits such as shrimp and worms have worked well. Anglers are catching good numbers of sunfish on small worms or mealworms. Cats have been biting best mid morning and in the evenings. Recent stockings have included some big catfish in the 3-5 pound range. At Green Valley lakes (Payson) fishing is good for trout with most fish biting bait such as worms or PowerBait. Bluegill, crappie and bass are biting well on small jigs and worms fished under a bobber at Green Valley.

Stocking updates:

Phoenix Area Lakes – May 16 stocked catfish. Next stocking, catfish the week of May 26-31.
Tucson Area Lakes – May 16 stocked catfish. Next stocking, catfish the week of May 26-31.
Green Valley Lakes (Payson) – May 9 stocked trout (double stocking, last of season) No further trout stockings until mid October.

Caught:1 Sunfish
Technique:Stinky bate
Comments:Tones of hits but only one stuck. Had issues with the blue hearing birds more then the fish.
Name: Hope

Where: Sahuarita
Caught: limit of catfish 15″-20″
Technique: standard slip sinker
Comments: I noticed when I was filleting the fish that a 19″ catfish had the dorsal and pectoral fins from another catfish ion its stomach. They were approximately the same length as the fins on the catfish that must have eaten them. I thought it was interesting that this fish must have eaten at least part of another catfish but i cant figure out how it ate another catfish of similar size. Any ideas on how that may have happened? There is no way the fish i filleted could have eaten another catfish of that size. So i am wondering if during the 40hr drive there may have been a dead fish in the tanker and was eaten by the transported fish?? I just thought it is interesting.

RIGGS FLAT — The lake was closed over the Memorial Day weekend due to snowfall but the road was re-opened Tuesday morning and anglers should have access to the lake at this time. Due high pH levels the lake will not be stocked until these values come down.

CLUFF RANCH — No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 485-9430.

ROPER LAKE — No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

DANKWORTH POND — No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

FRYE MESA RESERVIOR – A few fish are being caught in the very early morning and late evenings.

KEARNY LAKES — The lake remains fishless due to golden algae problems.

ARIVACA — Anglers wanting to catch some trophy sized redear sunfish should definitely visit this lake. Recent surveys show outstanding numbers of large redears at this lake. A few bass are being caught in shallow water using swim baits. The lake level has a dropped a bit but launching is not a problem and the aquatic vegetation is not a factor. Jan. 1 marks a change in the motor restrictions at this lake. Motors 10 horsepower or less will now be legal for use at Arivaca. Anglers are encouraged to please be aware of your wake so as not to disrupt other anglers fishing from other boats and the shore. Remember that all bass must be immediately released back to the water.

PENA BLANCA – Be aware that the lake will be drained and renovated late this summer to remove mercury contaminated sediment form the lake bottom. Anglers wishing to comment on the proposed dredging of this lake should contact the U.S. Forest Service at (520) 281-2296. The fishing remains fair. There is still a mercury warning for all fish in the lake except trout. The lake now has a 10 HP limit but be aware of your wake so as not to disrupt other people fishing in boats or on shore. The mercury advisory for all warm water fish is in effect. Bass less than 13 inches long must be immediately released. The daily bag limit for bass is four. Jan. 1 marks a change in the motor restrictions at this lake. Motors 10 horsepower or less will now be legal for use at Pena Blanca.

PATAGONIA — Bass fishing remains slow with a few anglers reporting success on soft jerk baits. Flipping the cattails is still reported as the best option for catching bass at this time. Cat fishing continues to do well at night on flatheads. Some nice ones are coming in by using live bluegill or redear that are caught easily in the lake. Hook them up with a hook under the dorsal and a slip weight. Some trout are still being caught in the deeper water near the dam.

PARKER CANYON —Trout fishing remains fair to good with limits of 10-12 inch rainbows still being taken. All bait types, including live worms, power baits, salmon eggs, and lures, are producing fish. With the water level being high, spawning areas will not be limited as in past years when the level was down. April through the end of May is a great period for anglers to catch a variety of cold and warm water species.

PICACHO RESERVOIR — No Report at this time.

ROSE CANYON LAKE — The access road is now open for the season. The fishing continues to be outstanding and anglers are encouraged to get up there and try their luck. The lake was stocked last week with rainbow trout.

Where:Rose Canyon Lake
Caught:Stocker rainbows and browns
Technique:Small spinner baits fished just below the surface.
Comments:Caught 40 – 50 fish after the wind settled down at about 4:30 p.m.
Name:Matthew Dimka
Where:Rose Canyon Lake
Caught:Rainbow Trout
Technique:Small spinnerbaits, reeling in at medium speed.
Comments:Fishing was PHENOMENAL! We fished near the dam. Three of us caught about 25 fish in about 3 hours. They ranged from 8 to 12 inches.
Name:Liam Giffin
Where: Rose canyon
Caught: trout
Technique: Worms
Comments: Caught my limit in just an hour hot fishing in the cool
Name: Mahler

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