Southeastern Arizona

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June 26th, 2008
Southeastern Arizona

URBAN –  The last catfish stockings will take place the week of June 23-28. With lake temperatures climbing rapidly towards 90 degrees and air temperatures well above 100, it becomes impractical to haul live fish into Arizona’s Urban lakes. No fish stockings will be scheduled during July, August and the first half of September.  Fall catfish stockings will resume in mid-September after lake and weather conditions improve enough to safely transport and stock catfish once again.  Anglers can still fish for catfish, bass and bluegill at urban waters throughout the summer, but the action is generally slower.

When: 06/22/08
Caught: CAT FISH
Technique: Casting from the bank, using a =float= with the stink bait set at about 2 feet down.
Comments: I fish early, before sun -up. The catfish are very active at this time. I catch 4 nice big ones in less than 30 minutes. I usually release all but one. I eat only fresh fish. I will send you pictures of my recent catches, they are very healthy, fight hard & taste delicious. I have fished LAKESIDE 32 YEARS, THIS IS THE BEST YEAR EVER. I THINK THAT MR.SWANSON FINALLY GOT THE URBAN FISHING PROGRAM “RIGHT”. Thank you Glenn Lawing
Name: glenn Lawing

Where: lakeside
When: 06/16/08
Caught: 1 catfish, 2 sunfish and 1 goldfish??????
Technique: catfish and sunfish were caught on worm using a bobber. the??goldfish?? was caught on the bottom with chicken liver,
Comments: I was fishing on the bottom using chicken liver and reeled in a pan sized goldfish. what’s up with that?? very interesting
Name: Donald Pieper

Where:Sahurita Lake
Caught:Largemouth Bass
Technique:Topwater Spook
Comments:I was told that no one has caught a bass in lake for several months I caught 3 in one area using topwater baits
Name:Danneal Castillo

Where:Silverbell Lake
Caught:1catfish, 1 Amur
Technique:fished bottom with Ultra Light, 6 Lb test, bait unknown
Comments:I saw this guy fight a “Carp” for about a half an hour. After drawing a crowd, he finally landed it and tangled with the 8 lb Amur was a 2 lb Catfish. He gave the fish away and quit for the day, a very satisfied individual. It was fun to watch. I caught 3 catfish myself bottom fishing with night crawlers. Name:Skip Strauss

RIGGS FLAT — Fishing is slow but a few fish are being caught.  Due high pH levels the lake will not be stocked until these values come down.

CLUFF RANCH — No recent reports of success.  For lake information call (928) 485-9430.

ROPER LAKE — No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

DANKWORTH POND — No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

FRYE MESA RESERVIOR – A few fish are being caught in the very early morning and late evenings.

KEARNY LAKES — The lake remains fishless due to golden algae problems.

ARIVACA — Anglers wanting to catch some trophy sized redear sunfish should definitely visit this lake.  Recent surveys show outstanding numbers of large redears at this lake.  A few bass are being caught in shallow water using swim baits.  The lake level has a dropped a bit but launching is not a problem and the aquatic vegetation is not a factor.  Jan. 1 marks a change in the motor restrictions at this lake.  Motors 10 horsepower or less will now be legal for use at Arivaca.  Anglers are encouraged to please be aware of your wake so as not to disrupt other anglers fishing from other boats and the shore.  Remember that all bass must be immediately released back to the water.

PENA BLANCA – Be aware that the lake will be drained and renovated late this summer to remove mercury contaminated sediment form the lake bottom.  Anglers wishing to comment on the proposed dredging of this lake should contact the U.S. Forest Service at (520) 281-2296.  The fishing is slow and the aquatic vegetation is becoming a problem.  At this time there are no problems with launching a boat but lake level is dropping.  The lake now has a 10 HP limit but be aware of your wake so as not to disrupt other people fishing in boats or on shore. The mercury advisory for all warm water fish is in effect. Bass less than 13 inches long must be immediately released.  The daily bag limit for bass is four.  Jan. 1 marks a change in the motor restrictions at this lake.  Motors 10 horsepower or less will now be legal for use at Pena Blanca.

PATAGONIA — The catfishing is doing well using everything from worms to commercial baits for channels. Smaller ones in the 12-14 inch range are being caught all day and larger ones at night. Flatheads are biting on rigged live bluegill and red ear mostly in the dark hours. Bass fishing is fair to good using almost any crank baits or worms. There are lots of bluegill and red ear being caught on any bait. Most are pretty small but great fun for kids.

Caught: channel cats
Technique: structure with worms
Comments: Caught 3 keepers (2-5lbs) fishing very close to all those trees that are sticking out of the water on the northwest no wake area. Lots of bites, limited success. Definitely kept us interested all day!
Name: Mark

Where: Patagonia lake
Caught:1 Bass
Technique:4 in pumpkinseed worm Texas rig casting towards cattails
Comments: Me, my son and friend were bass fishing and had a couple of bites and only landed one. But for cat fishing it wasn’t good either.
Name: Kenny Lawson

Caught:20-30 catfish and 30-40 sunfish
Technique: Worms and stink bait with a slip weight off the bottom.
Comments: Fish with five family members off the cliffs on the North side of the lake. The largest flathead catfish caught was 6lb 12oz on a whole worm.
Name: Joshua Coleman

Where: Patagonia Lake
Caught:6lb Large Mouth Bass
Technique: Texas rig 7-inch watermelon plastic worm near the cattails past the swimming area almost to the end of the finger on the south side of the lake at 10:30am
Comments: released him of course
Name: Tim Oakes

PARKER CANYON —Trout fishing has slowed a bit with warmer temperatures.  All bait types, including live worms, power baits, salmon eggs, and lures, are producing fish.  Anglers are reporting that Senkos were working well this past week for catching bass.

Where: Parker Cayon Lake
When: 06/21/08
Caught: (1) green sun fish and (13) Largemouths
Technique: Use a baby brush hog (pumpkin seed, or brown) just off the weed lines. They are hitting lightly though so feel for the bite
Comments: most of the bass were caught between 5am and 9am, some a little later. One off a topwater first thing in the morning
Name: Chris Clutter

Where: Parker Canyon
Caught: Trout (4) Bluegills (48) Bass (6)
Technique: Night crawlers, Rapalas firetiger for bass
Comments: Fished in the afternoon from 3 p.m. till sunset
Name: Nate Pasos

PICACHO RESERVOIR — No Report at this time.

ROSE CANYON LAKE — The access road is now open for the season.  The fishing continues to be outstanding and anglers are encouraged to get up there and try their luck.
Where: Rose canyon
When: 06/07/08
Caught: trout
Technique: meal worms
Comments:30 trout in 3 hours the free fishing day is smart. The lake was full — 6 a.m., 30 people fishing.

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