Southeastern Arizona

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July 24th, 2008
Southeastern Arizona

URBAN — LAST STOCKING OF SPRING CATFISH SEASON was JUNE 23-28. No fish stockings are scheduled during July, August and the first half of September.  Fall catfish stockings will resume in mid-September after lake and weather conditions improve enough to safely transport and stock catfish once again.  Anglers can still fish for catfish, bass and bluegill at urban waters throughout the summer, but the action is generally slower.

RIGGS FLAT – Fishing is slow but a few fish are being caught.  Due high pH levels the lake will not be stocked until these values come down.

CLUFF RANCH – No recent reports of success.  A new fishing pier has been installed which should provide a large increase in access for shore anglers.  For lake information call (928) 485-9430.

ROPER LAKE – No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

DANKWORTH POND – No recent reports of success. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

FRYE MESA RESERVIOR – Fishing is slow as the fish have gone deep to beat the heat.  Early morning and late evenings are producing a few fish though.

KEARNY LAKES – The lake remains fishless due to golden algae problems.

ARIVACA – The lake has come up and anglers should have no problem launching their boats.   The fishing remains fair.  Monsoon rains have slowly turned the top water bite on in the late evenings.  Jan. 1 marks a change in the motor restrictions at this lake.  Motors 10 horsepower or less will now be legal for use at Arivaca.  Anglers are encouraged to please be aware of your wake so as not to disrupt other anglers fishing from other boats and the shore.  Remember that all bass must be immediately released back to the water.

PENA BLANCA – The boat ramp at Pena Blanca lake is closed until further notice.  The area repaired last year has washed out once again and it is impossible to get to the ramp.  Be aware that the lake will be drained and renovated late this fall to remove mercury contaminated sediment form the lake bottom.  The lake now has a 10 HP limit but be aware of your wake so as not to disrupt other people fishing in boats or on shore. The mercury advisory for all warm water fish is in effect. Bass less than 13 inches long must be immediately released.  The daily bag limit for bass is four.  Jan. 1 marks a change in the motor restrictions at this lake.  Motors 10 horsepower or less will now be legal for use at Pena Blanca.

Angler report:

Where: Pena Blanca
When: 07/19/08
Caught: Large Mouth Bass
Technique: Topwater- Sammys, poppers, and swamp donkeys
Comments: Had to carry our boat down to the water because of ramp closer. Me and a buddy fished from sunrise to noon. We caught 20 fish on a great topwater bite. 15 of those fish were in the range of 2-7 lbs. ALL WERE RELEASED!! I hope that these fish will be preserved. It was the best fishing we’ve had since we started fishing (all over the state)since February. Im seriously hoping that AZGFD rethinks the draining of this AWESOME lake! We took a few pictures of the fish we caught to show what we’d be losing if the AZGFD continues with their plan. If its a mercury problem, then why cant we make it a catch and release lake like Arivaca? Oh…..P.S. I really didn’t wanna give away this hotspot, but if that’s what it takes to keep this kind of quality fish around…..then so be it!
Name: John Levison Jr.

PATAGONIA – Recent storms have filled the lake and water is going over the spillway.  Boaters should use caution as there is debris from flooding floating in the lake.  Bass fishing is fair to good using almost any crank baits or worms. There are lots of bluegill and red ear being caught on any bait. Most are pretty small but great fun for kids.

Angler report:

Where: Patagonia
When: 07/19/08
Caught: Channel Catfish, Sunfish (Bait)
Technique: Worms, tried shrimp.
Comments: Went night fishing for catfish; trying for flatheads. Caught baitfish, sunfish (bluegill) in a cove to the W of Marina. Caught 12 or so w/i 1-2 hrs. Rains came and most fair weather recreational & fishers left; there was a bass tournament of some sort. We had the lake basically to ourselves on the E end. We then went down to source creek, or thought so, it was dark. We were S of creek @ E side of lake & fished for cats. Some nice channels in early evening, then real slow. No flathead action – but the sunfish (bluegill)/baitfish died in our redneck, coffee can live well. So, we just fished worms. It rained, so were pretty cold all night. The next am, at around sunrise, the place went crazy. We (Pat Dansdill & I) caught 12 channel catfish. Plenty of action, it appeared the channels were aggressively feeding. Lost some big ones, w/ light gear snapping. Overall, a great trip. The State Park people were full of helpful tips from the fish being in the water/lake, to not having waterdogs (what are they?). Although, the Marina help were experienced & generous w/ assistance, comment. Oh yeah, there was some kind of bass tournament w/ fancy fisherman & boats; we never did get who won or how. Thanks,
Name: John A. Gravina

Where: Patagonia Lake
When: 07/18/08
Caught: Three largemouth bass and a channel catfish.
Technique: A Texas rigged lizard. My tecnique was called “dead sticking”
Comments: I had a great time
Name: Darick Hall

PARKER CANYON -Warm water fish are biting in the early a.m. and late p.m. including bluegill and bass, it seems the later in the morning the deeper you need to fish near the weed lines. Worms seem to be the best bait for the bluegills, and deep water lures for the bass. Bass at night is better with top water lures and buzz baits.  Trout are very slow, in deep water only.

Angler report:

Where: parker canyon lake
When: 07/15/08
Caught: bluegill, red ear sunfish, green sunfish
Technique: roostertails
Comments: This little lake has some real monster green sunfish!!!They put up a great fight on light tackle!! Fish early evening along rocky shoreline areas !!!+
Name: marc & joe Tucson

Where: Parker Canyon Lake
When: 07/19/08
Caught: 7 largemouth
Technique: Caught them off the weed line with brushhogs and on top water as the sun was coming up
Comments: I caught 5 and my buddy Derek caught 2. Still my favorite lake
Name: Chris Clutter

PICACHO RESERVOIR – No Report at this time.

ROSE CANYON LAKE – The fishing is slow.  Worms, and green and yellow power bait is doing the trick though for those with the patience to wait the fish out.

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