Southern Waters

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August 20th, 2009

URBAN WATERS –Won’t be stocked again until water temperatures cool down in September. However, it is still possible to catch sunfish and catfish, the best times are at first and last light.

RIGGS FLAT —  Due to poor water quality this lake will not be stocked until conditions improve.  Fishing has been fair despite the poor water quality.

CLUFF RANCH — No recent reports of success. A new fishing pier has been installed which should provide a large increase in access for shore anglers. For lake information call (928) 485-9430.

ROPER LAKE — No recent reports of success. The lake is down a bit due to problems with the pumps on the well.  For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

DANKWORTH POND — No recent reports of success. Aquatic vegetation continues to be a problem for anglers.  For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

FRYE MESA RESERVIOR – Anglers continue to have the best success when fishing the early hours around sunrise.

KEARNY LAKES — Conditions at this lake have taken a turn for the worse and golden algae has caused a fish kill. The Department and the town of Kearny continue to work on the problem.

ARIVACA — The fishing remains good in the evenings and early mornings.  Anglers are reporting that the topwater bite is picking up.  The lake is down and anglers are cautioned to be aware when launching their boats.

Anglers are asked to please be aware of your wake so as not to disrupt other anglers fishing from other boats and the shore. Remember that all bass must be immediately released back to the water.

PENA BLANCA Pena Blanca Lake remains closed. The removal of the sediment has been completed and the lake is now beginning to re-fill as runoff from rainfall events allows.

PATAGONIA — With recent rains the lake is full.  Fishing for warmwater species is good with fishing the best in the early mornings and late evenings. One angler said the topwater action is picking up and kids were doing well for sunfish using meal worms.

Anglers wanting to catch flathead catfish should try live bluegills off the points and along the rock walls in Ash canyon. Deep cove on the southwest side of the lake is also a good spot for flatheads.  Fish the mouth of this cove near the buoys.

PARKER CANYON — The fishing remains fair with most angler success coming in the early morning just after sunrise.  Warmwater fishing is reported to be fair to good in the late evenings on rubber baits.

The new store is now open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out their Web site at Looks like they have boat and kayak rentals. They are selling fishing licenses there.

5 Responses to “Southern Waters”

  1. Went out to Dankworth Pond on Monday morning. Caught bluegill and sunfish. They are biting early in the morning, and stop as soon as it starts to warm up.

  2. Not sure if this is right place to comment on fishing; Maybe we would get more comments for southern AZ if this was easier to find?

    8-29 and 8-30 fished roper lake and caught 3 nice largmouth, and about 10 of the biggest bluegill I have ever seen. All in about 3 hours with nightcrawlers.

    8/15: Caught about 20 largemouth and readear sunfish at Avivaca lake useing worms. Water level is way down, but the fish seem to bite all the time.

    7/26: 2 14″ trout at blue ridge. Beautiful lake, but the boat ramp is a tremendous challenge.

  3. Hey, I’m new to AZ. I live in Surprise and do not have a boat. Anyone have any good recommendations on where to fish from the shore? Or where I could use my float tube for some fly/reel fishing? Much appreciated.

  4. Hi Joel,
    If you want to Fly or reel fish from a float tube, you can catch trout up on the Mogollon Rim at Woods Canyon lake, Willow springs Lake, Knolls Lake, Chevlon, Bear canyon. It just depends how easy of access you would like. The drive would be about 2 1/2 hours from where you live, maybe a little more. I fish out of a boat up there all the time. I lure fish, and do really well up there, I have seen a lot of guys fly fishing and doing quite well also. Good luck, and have a blast fishing up there, it is beautiful !!!!

  5. Hi Joel. I like fishing in my float tube @ Bartlett Lake for Bass/Crappie. I usually fish around the Marina area to around the Sheriff’s office near the boat ramp/floating pier. I’ve never done bad there and around the docks of the marina are especially good. I’m a catch & release fisherman for bass, but love eating crappie. I also head down to the Yellow Cliffs area and fish along the western shore up to the boat ramp there. I usually throw texas rigged worms (4-5″) in green color or smoke black flake w/ slider weight (1/8) above a clamped on size 5 round split shot set @ about 18-24 inches up . Big thumper single chrome bladed spinnerbaits (if sunny, or gold if cloudy) (white, white/chartreuse 1/4-3/8 oz) work well if the water is off color or light chocolate. I’ve also been know to float tube @ Lake Pleasant, but never much taken out of there in a tube, but still fun to kick around some of the coves when water is around 50%. Good fishing to you. Jim

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