Southwestern Arizona

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June 4th, 2008
Southwestern Arizona

LAKE HAVASU – The following report courtesy Debbie Blanchard, Anglers Pro Shop – Lake Havasu, 5/20/2008): Average surface water temperature is 75 degrees. The striper bite is good to excellent as they are in full spawn mode, and are feeding on spawning shad as well.

The early morning bite with hard baits can be productive with the use of Sassy Shads or 5-inch jerk baits such as the R2S Trophy Minnow or the Pointer 128 in the colors of Chartreuse Shad or MS Herring. The afternoon bite is great with cut anchovies, using a bottom presentation in 45-58 feet of water. The stripers are holding on the drops of the old river creek channel during this time of the day.

The catfish bite is very good right now and producing quality channel and flathead catfish. The bite is incredibly good during the morning hours of 5 a.m.-9 a.m. They begin to bite again during the night hours of 6p.m. -10 p.m. These fish are hefty and hearty feeders and will rapidly consume large amounts of cut anchovies and mackerel. To increase your catch limit be sure to chum the waters with anchovies to bring and hold the fish to your spot.

The large and smallmouth bass bite is slowing down as the water temperature continues to rise as summer approaches. The best time to get these fish is in the early pre-dawn hours. They are taking top water surface lures such as R2S Bubble Walkers in Chartreuse Shad and white, or the “Rico” in Bone or White with the red eye. Later during the day, you can catch them by flipping Yamamoto Senkos or Tube Baits at the base of tules that are in the deeper waters in the river or lake.

Sandpoint Fish Report for May 27, 2008 from Karen Coats:
5-23 – Friday we had 2 inches of rain, but it did not stop Chop Bellue of Ramona CA from fishing at Satellite Cove and come up with a 6-pound cat he was using anchovies.
5-24 Gary Lamprecht of Peoria AZ got a 2-pound striper and son Ryan got a 1-pound smallmouth bass they were using anchovies and were in Satellite Cove
5-27 This morning Roberto Arrambade of Litchfield Park, AZ using night crawlers got a nice 8.13-pound cat over at Benson Bay.
Ryan Lampricht of Peoria AZ got a 4-pound striper off the jetty using anchovies.

Where: Lake Havasu
Caught: Large Mouth Bass, Huge Bluegill
Technique: Night crawlers.
Comments: I caught four largemouth bass in just under an hour all over four pounds and one that went at least six. Caught several bluegills well into the two pound range, huge monsters. All from the bank at Site Six. All fish were released to spawn another day. Also caught and released several very nice Smallmouth bass the week before trolling along the flats between Crazy Horse Campgrounds and the lighthouse at Site Six. Excellent fishing right now.
Name: Dennis Pinkerton

PARKER STRIP – COLORADO RIVER (PARKER STRIP AREA) – Courtesy June’s Bait Shop in Parker: Water temps along the strip have been averaging in the upper fifties to low sixties, and it’s only getting hotter!
Important notice: Quagga mussels have been found in Lake Havasu so proper cleaning of all watercraft is critical to help prevent the spread of these invaders. Please move to the parking lot, DRAIN your live-wells and bilge where the water does not return to the lake. Drain all the water you can from your engine. Also, INSPECT your watercraft and trailer, removing any visible mussels, but also feel for any rough or gritty spots on the hull. These may be young mussels that can be hard to see.

ALAMO LAKE – Day time temperatures are getting high. This is the leading edge of the good night time fishing for bass, crappie and catfish.
Angler report:

Where: Alamo lake
When: 05/17/08
Caught: large mouth
Technique: spinnerbaits thrown in the brush on main lake points
Name: josh

Where: Alamo Lake
When: 04/12/08
Caught: Largemouth Bass 8.9lbs
Technique: Senko
Comments: The bass are all over the lake and this monster was located at the under heavy brush at the Cholla entrance of the lake on boat dock ramp. Several fishermen told me that had no luck the whole day but where I was fishing on shore I caught over 8 fish in less than two hours. The shad schools of fish are really thick and follow the shad, you will find the bass.
Name: Danneal Castillo

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