2009 Urban Fishing End of Year Reminders

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November 30th, 2009
  • Winter stockings of rainbow trout will continue every two weeks through early March at all 21 Urban Fishing Program waters. Trout average 11-12 inches in size and are stocked in generous amounts.
  • Stay on the lookout for golden alga, a microscopic organism that releases substances that are toxic to fish. Game and Fish is working with city park staff and lake consultants to regularly monitor for and control the unwanted algae. To report any suspicious observations of fish behavior or lake conditions that may be caused by golden alga, contact the Department at 623-236-7268. Please do your part to prevent the spread of golden alga by not moving water or wet objects or fishing equipment from lake to lake. Clean, drain and dry all equipment.
  • The 2009 Class U Urban Fishing license is now 50% off through December 31. Stop by a Game and Fish office or any of our sporting goods or retail license dealers and ask for your 2009 discount Urban license for $9.25.
  • Submit your big fish catches for the 2009 Fish-of-the-Year contest. With less than a month to go, there are plenty of chances to report your big fish catches in either of two categories; kept or released. Application forms and instructions for the contest are in the current Urban Fishing Program brochure or AZ Fishing Regulation booklet.

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