Arizona Trout Season Kicks Off November 16th

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November 13th, 2009

The scheduled date for the first trout delivery of the winter season is Monday, November 16 for all lakes in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

Trout averaging from 11-12 inches will be stocked at rates of 80-100 fish per lake surface acre for Urban Lakes and at lower rates for Urban Ponds.  Fish deliveries will occur throughout the day starting from early morning well into the afternoon.  Trout stockings will continue at two week intervals throughout the next four months.  A total of over 12,000 trout from two Colorado trout producers will be delivered to all 21 waters in one day.  With the colder temperatures at Payson’s Green Valley Lakes, trout stockings already started in October and will continue every other week.  Remember, daily bag and possession limits for trout at Urban Lakes are four fish per person for licensed anglers and two fish for unlicensed juveniles under the age of 14.  Trout limits at Urban Ponds are two fish for licensed anglers and one fish for youth.

NOTE: Twice each year, the Urban Fishing Program shares with you the specific stocking date.  We do this in the fall when we switch from catfish to trout stockings, and again in the spring when we switch back to catfish.  For the other stocking dates throughout the year, only the week of stocking is announced to the public (Monday thru Saturday).

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