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July 29th, 2008

Ever wish you could use a computerized map of Arizona to reveal all the places to go fishing, the types of fish you can find and maybe even something about the facilities at each lake, river or stream?  Well, just wave a magic wand over your computer because your wish has been granted – thanks to a little computer magic from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.  The Department now has an interactive fishing hole map of Arizona on its Web site at under “Where To Fish.”  One of the cool things about this interactive map is it gives you the ability to locate places to fish for specific species. Want to know where to fish for rainbow trout? Simply click on the words ‘rainbow trout’ at the bottom and the map will only show those locations with trout.  Do you need directions to a particular fishing hole? Those are there too. You can even choose the type of map you want, including topographical or satellite imagery. There are even links to Wikipedia to provide more detailed information such as angling tips, special fishing regulations and photographs.  The site is new and still under construction to include more site details, video clips, and helpful tips to guide you in planning for that next fishing trip.

New! Arizona Fishing Locations Map

  • Find Arizona fishing locations in Arizona including images, detailed site and facility information and approximate driving directions.
  • Over 170 lake, river and stream locations are included with lists of sport fish species found at each.
  • All Urban Fishing Program waters are included with video clips of the area available


  1. I have seen fishing at the canals by Lindsey & Broadway & another canal on Broadway. It looked like the fish were biting and I have seen some huge fish there, but I thought it was illegal. I didn’t specifically see a sign by the canal actually stating it was. Are they an exception to the rule?

  2. Those canals that are part of the Salt River Project delivery system, including the Consolidated canals referenced below, are open to public fishing unless otherwise posted.

    State license requirements and bag limits apply with one important exception: all white amur (also called grass carp) MUST be released unharmed immediately. White amur can reach lengths over 2 feet and weights over 30 pounds.

    The “huge” fish observed are most likely white amur. SRP pays a premium to stock these weed eating fish into their canals to biologically control nuisance weeds. Consequently, they (SRP) are highly sensitive to any activities (such as angling) that may result in injuries or mortalities to this valuable resource

    Eric Swanson

  3. I fish the canal off broadway and the border of tempe, and I catch alot of carp and white amur in the 5-30lbs range, as well as large mouth bass 1-5lbs, channel and flathead catfish 2-10lbs. Theres another spot I fish (Undisclosed location) where the large mouth bass fishing is some of the best I have done across the US. I was out there late one night and landed and relesed a 9lbs spotted bass. The catfishing there a little slow at time but produce big cats 5-25lbs. I catch and relese everything and make sure the fish isn’t harmed in any way before relesing them. I fish alot in the canal between broadway and mesa drive, and mesa drive to mcdowell fishing in both place are great it’s taken me years to find quality fish along these miles of canal but it’s paid off with spots producing a large number of fish ranging in species. I would encourage people to fish the canals, it’s a great fishery!

  4. Justin, Fishing the canals down there, any hints on bait or technique, that sounds kind of fun.

  5. we have been using chicken liver and doing well on the channel cats or we just float a worm down as we walk along we do alright.

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