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August 25th, 2009

In 1985 what started out as a small fishing program at three lakes in Scottsdale and Tucson has now grown into one of the largest urban fishing programs in the nation.  The year 2010 will represent the 25th anniversary of Arizona’s Urban Fishing Program (UFP) and Game and Fish is planning some fun and innovative changes to celebrate and help more people learn about the UFP.  All lake maps and park information are being updated in the UFP brochure and website.  More emphasis will be placed on identifying family friendly amenities at the parks.  Plans are in place to add exciting information like video clips to the Department’s web site and create an Urban Fishing Facebook.  Over 5,000 anglers are expected to be interviewed at the lakes in 2010 as part of a one year survey.  These anglers will receive tokens of appreciation for their participation and have a chance to chat with urban fish biologists.  New photo and fish catch contests are being developed that allow anglers to share their fishing success stories and receive special recognition for their achievements.  More incentive fish stockings are planned to include some trophy size trout and catfish.  A special edition, UFP brochure in being designed to provide more fishing information in an easier to read and enjoyable format.  Stay tuned for more to come and get ready to join us in celebrating 25 years of success.

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