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May 12th, 2009

A huge channel catfish was hauled from the waters of Green Valley Park shortly after the Payson Wildlife Fair started Saturday, May 9. Using shrimp on the bottom and fishing the inlet end of the main lake, Tuy Sayasavanh, of Peoria, hooked into and landed the 26.9 pound leviathan. With over 500 people gathered at the park for the annual wildlife fair and fishing clinic, Sayasavanh’s massive fish attracted a lot of interest and excitement. Most folks were enjoying a pleasant morning catching some of the 1,500 rainbow trout freshly stocked or some of the abundant bluegill found around the lake. The lunker cat, measuring over 37 inches in length, shatters the previous Urban Fishing Program record 11.4 pound catfish caught in 2002 from Evelyn Hallman Pond in Tempe. Additionally, this is the largest channel cat reported to the department in 20 years and is only five pounds shy of the state record 32 pounder from Parker Canyon Lake.


  1. this is not a record fish because one of friends caught a 76 pound catfish and patagonia lake about a year ago and he was using shad

  2. well first off dominick it may not be a record for biggest cat ever caught in AZ but it is a record for urban channel catfish. next off it is the biggest channel catfish to be reported in 20 years and the biggest catfish ever caught out of an urban lake.and finally if your friend actually did catch a 76 pound catfish it was a flathead catfish because the world record channel cat is 65 pounds and the state record flathead is a 72 pounder. im not saying that he didnt catch one that big but if he did he just didnt report it.and also Patagonia is not an urban lake

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