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May 26th, 2009

The May 25-30 catfish stocking will be the sixth delivery of cats to Urban Fishing Program lakes this spring season.  Catfish will continue to be stocked at rates of 40-60 fish per acre every other week through June.  Fishing is good to excellent for channel catfish at Urban waters in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.  Top baits for catfish continue to be worms, shrimp, and dough/stink baits fished off the bottom.  Cats have been biting best mid morning and in the evenings.  Bluegill and sunfish are biting well along the shorelines for anglers using worms and mealworms.  Bass up to six pounds are biting during the pre-summer period, however shallow water fish are wary.  Try small plastics presented with split shot or drop shot rigs in the evenings and early morning.  A 20-inch lunker bass was recently caught and released at Kennedy Lake in Tucson.  The estimated 4.5 pounder fell for a 10 inch Gulp worm.  A 22 pound carp was caught from Papago Pond on corn.  At Green Valley lakes (Payson) fishing is good for trout and very good for crappie, bluegill, bass and catfish.  The final spring stocking of rainbow trout into Green Valley was May 9 and included a double stocking.  Plenty of trout remain to sustain great fishing for weeks to come.  Best trout baits include Power Bait or worms.  Worms, mealworms and small jigs work well for the bluegill.

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