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July 29th, 2008


Fishing activity has slowed over the summer due to high water temperatures and absence of fish stockings through July and August.  Catfish up to four pounds are still being reported along with many in the two pound range, but catch rates are poor overall.  The last seasonal (spring/summer) stocking of catfish was June 25.Generally, the best bite is late in the evening, however some anglers are finding hungry cats in the middle of the day.  Top baits are stink baits or shrimp fished on the bottom without a sinker.  Sunfish continue to bite throughout the summer on small worms fished under a bobber, mornings are best.  Largemouth bass fishing is slow with the best activity around dawn for anglers using finesse worms rigged dropshot or splitshot style, or try topwater at first light.  Catfish stockings will not resume until late September.  At Green Valley lakes (Payson) the best fishing is for bluegill, crappie and bass.  Monsoon rains have kept the lake cooler and seem to invigorate the fish.  Try small jigs and worms fished under a bobber at Green Valley.


  1. To : Joseph E. Perez Jr.
    Re : Your report, dated 7/23/08, Access to Tempe Town Lake

    There are a few other access points around Tempe Lake. At the NE corner of Rural / Scottsdale and Rio Salado is a parking lot east of the bridge that allows access to south side of the lake. You can park there and a short walk over the hill puts you right at lake’s edge. To access the north side of the lake : 1) there’s a parking lot on SE corner of Miller and Curry; park and you can walk south along pathway to east end of the lake, under the 202. 2) there’s a parking lot by the marina. Drive west on Curry, then left (south) at College, stay right, “T” at Gilbert, go right (under the 202), next right into driveway to parking lot. 3) there are parking lots by the 202 and Mill Ave. Drive west on Curry, just before Mill is Lake View Dr, turn left, follow road down under the 202 and you’ll find 2 parking lots that you can park at and walk to the lake. Get a current street map or go to Mapquest (that’s what I did) look at the different streets around Tempe Town Lake, you’ll see the best routes for you to take from where you’re coming from.

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