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March 30th, 2009

Recent water tests at Water Ranch Lake in Gilbert indicate that golden alga has been brought under control, meaning that fish stockings can resume immediately.  The good news came just in time to stock the lake on March 27 with 5-8 inch sunfish.  Water Ranch will be included in the Urban Fishing Program catfish stockings taking place the week of March 30 – April 4.  Fish stockings at Water Ranch will be done at a normal level, which for catfish means 450 pounds, or approximately 250 fish per load.  The troublesome golden alga began to bloom at the lake in early March causing a small fish kill.  Fish stockings were cancelled over a four week period and the Water Ranch allotment of fish were added to deliveries at other, nearby Urban lakes.  Algaecide treatments were applied over a two week period to control the alga and stop any further fish losses.  Lake water will continue to be tested to ensure the microscopic golden alga does not flare up again.

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