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June 25th, 2009

Several Urban Lakes and Ponds will be receiving white amurs along with the regular catfish delivery the week of June 22-27.  These aquatic ‘cows’ will spend the summer grazing on the weeds just beginning to grow in many of the lakes in the Maricopa County area.  White amurs, also known as grass carp, can be distinguished from the common carp by two specific features:  amurs have a short dorsal fin while the common carp has a long dorsal fin that runs nearly the entire length of its back, and amurs lack the barbells around the mouth that the common carp has on each side of the upper jaw.  This is important to note because while there is no bag limit on the common carp, there is a limit of only one amur per day at Urban Lakes and Ponds and the amur must be longer than 30 inches in length.  Anglers are asked to release unharmed any amurs under 30 inches.

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