Elk Changes

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September 8th, 2008

Elk Changes
Relatively few changes occurred to the elk hunt guidelines compared with the deer. The most notable amendment was the addition of 400 permits for archery bull hunts during November. This was a new idea, similar to moving white-tailed deer permits out of December to provide greater numbers of tags. It was discussed for several years and will be implemented in fall 2008 for the first time. Currently, two units offer this season, and hunt success is generally in the high teens, whereas the early September archery bull hunts enjoy 35–45 percent hunt success.

Is there any demand for these later hunts? Are there hunters who would select these over the early hunts? During the draw, 351 of the 400 sold in the first and second choice round and there were no leftover tags, so there was enough interest in these opportunities. But it will take a couple years of monitoring to evaluate the demand. We examine the guidelines every two years, and future amendments are always possible.

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