Fall Javelina Changes

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September 8th, 2008

Fall Javelina Changes
Javelina is an under-used resource for Arizona hunters. They are the perfect big game animal for beginners, and even experts can learn from pursuing these interesting game animals. Javelina are fun to stalk and provide excellent training in the use of binoculars and primitive weapons for hunting. Although rumors abound regarding their quality as table fare, exercising a bit of creativity and ingenuity during processing (e.g., chorizo or sausage) or cooking (e.g., crock pot) can yield surprisingly favorable results.

Because a substantial number of permit were leftover in the spring draw (due at least in part to the on-again, off-again online draw), the department recommended offering a proportion of the permits from the spring during the fall hunting season. The department shifted 15 percent of spring permits into fall archery, handgun, archery and muzzleloader (HAM) and general seasons in 2006. As part of the overall changes in hunt structures, we combined all fall javelina tags from last year into juniors-only general permits in each unit. The season dates for these tags may coincide with a juniors-only deer season so that young hunters can apply for a deer tag in the same unit, giving them the option to pursue either species.

There are still a few muzzleloader and archery permits for juniors in Unit 39.

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  1. I am new to the Sierra Vista area (resident since Oct 2007) and am looking to hunt javelina. I have hunted them in texas in a blind, but over feed. Where’s the closest, best opportunity javelina hunting around here? Any help would be appreciated. I will either be going archery or using a 30-30 rifle for my hunt. I will be applying for the Sprint 2009 hunting season. Thanks for any help, Jeremy Brown

  2. Jeremy, welcome to Arizona. You are in the heart of javelina country. Southern Arizona offers great open country hunting, which you should really enjoy compared to your previous experiences.

    I would recommend for your first hunt in Arizona you use your 30-30 in the general hunt to keep your experience positive and increase your odds for success. The archery season is longer, but being new to the country, you might have a challenge locating a herd. FYI – the weapon types are not interchangeable for the archery only season.

    The unit I would recommend is 35A 5026 hunt number for general, or if you want the archery only, 5094 would be that same unit and also include 35b, and 34b (both hunts exclude Ft. Huachuca.)

    Good luck and keep us posted. Don’t forget, the deadline is Tues. Oct. 14. Take your application to the Tucson Regional office at:
    Office Phone Numbers:
    Main Line: 520-628-5376

    Fax: 520-628-5080

    Region 5 – Tucson Office:
    555 N. Greasewood Road
    Tucson, AZ 85745

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