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March 18th, 2009

Rabbits are very challenging to hunt, offer a great hunting introduction to youngsters, and they are excellent table fare.

There are three types of rabbits that can be hunted in Arizona: the cottontail, black-tailed jackrabbit and the towering antelope jackrabbit.

The hunting season is open all year with only cottontail rabbits having a bag limit (10 in 2008-09); there is no limit for jack rabbits.

Rabbit hunting teaches many of the same skills needed for pursuing big game, including locating game, stalking, shot placement, harvesting, field dressing, and game meat preparation.

The only equipment needed is a modest rimfire rifle (.22s and the new .17s), or for very young beginners, a small-gauged shotgun is perfect, along with a sharp knife, binoculars and water.

Youth age 13 and under (2 max.) accompanied by a licensed adult can hunt for free and without a hunting license. A general hunting license is required for those 14 and older. (Hunter Ed is not required for small game – but it is encouraged.)

For a list of Jackrabbit Jim’s hunting tips, click here.

So, hop to it!

4 Responses to “Hop over to rabbit hunting”

  1. When is hunting eason for Rabbits?

  2. My rimfire .22 holds 10 rounds .
    Can I use it or do I need another rifle
    that hold only 5 rounds?

  3. Rabbit hunting is year-long.

    I don’t believe .22s fall under that requirement, I believe it’s only for large centerfire rifles, not rimfires……

  4. What is the best source of information to find public tracks of land to hunt rabbits without being on private property?

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