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Catchfish Season has started
Catchfish Season has started
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Kiwanis Lake and the Lock Ness Monster!!!
Kiwanis Lake and the Lock Ness Monster!!!

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Kiwanis Lake and the Lock Ness Monster!!!
Description: It took us an hour and 45 minutes to land this Goliath fish. We caught it at Kiwanis Lake on Fathers Day weekend!!!
Date: 23.06.2009 13:54
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File size: 367.4 KB
Added by: excalibur

Make: SONY
Model: DSC-S600
Exposure time: 1/639.999847412
Aperture value: F/6.30000019073
ISO speed: 100
Date created: 20.06.2009 12:01:01
Focal length: 5.09999990463mm

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Join Date: 28.07.2008
Comments: 165
Monster for Sure

That is a monster for sure.
25.06.2009 16:15 Offline UBob

Join Date: 20.06.2009
Comments: 5
Why did it take so long to land/Why take your kids fishing?

I was asked why it took so long to land this fish and why I would take my kids fishing. Great questions and I'm glad you asked. The reason is because we were fishing for blue gill and yellow bass. We were using cheap poles we bought at a garage sale, 10lb test and #10 hooks. We had this fish within a foot of the shore several times before it saw us and took the drag out 50 feet or so and had to start reeling all over again. I'm attaching another photo in a moment of the other smaller goldfish/carp hybrid my 3 year daughter caught a few months ago on the same tackle. If you have kids, take them fishing. It's truly great times. They will take the memories and stories with them the rest of their lives, then pass the outdoors on to their kids. It's something everyone with kids should do. If you show them photo's or ask them about this day fishing they will tell you in detail what we caught and how we did it. If you ask them what they did the day before, they wouldn't have a clue as to what they did. Memories and great times, that's the reason I take them fishing. Thanks
26.06.2009 08:47 Offline excalibur

Join Date: 26.06.2009
Comments: 22
What di d you catch it on?

How much did it weigh? And what did you do with that fish...just curious.
26.06.2009 10:23 Offline jmestaz

Join Date: 25.06.2009
Comments: 1

Nice catch Excaliber, but I dont think you know what youve got there. That is a Grass Carp and should have been released immediatly, after your nice photos. That species was put in that pond to consume the grass, weeds, & algae that occur in the urban pond system. Next time please be a responsible, ethical, angler for your KIDS to learn from, by knowing what species you have caught, and the benefit it has to the water system youve just pulled it from.Next time, I dont think you'll be smiling as large, when your fishing lines are tangled in the grass & weeds.
26.06.2009 11:04 Offline SNIPR 7

Join Date: 20.06.2009
Comments: 5
Att: SNIPR 7

I understand your concern. It's sad that given one of the best days ever (Fathers Day with my daughters) you always have someone that tries to bring it down out of jealousy, ignorance or assumption..... As a grass carp "White Amur" the rules and regulations clearly state on all the signs at Kiwanis it must be at least 30" to keep it. This fish was right at 41" and over 40lbs. The fish wouldn't have made it had we let it go given factors you don't know. I put it back in the water as soon as we got the stringer line it . We didn't take most of or photos until after we tried to revive it.. We did the "responsible and ethical" thing by keeping it. As responsible anglers we always put the fish back in for others to catch unless the fish won't make it. Thanks for the concern but please get your facts straight before you "assume".
26.06.2009 11:49 Offline excalibur

Join Date: 26.06.2009
Comments: 1
Great catch!

My kids and I are interested in learning how to fish. After looking at this picture we are definately going to give it a try. The way your daughters show how much fun they where having, that is priceless! Good job Excalibur!
26.06.2009 21:32 Offline fishingphilly

Join Date: 26.06.2009
Comments: 1

That's pretty neat! I can't imagine seeing it come up out of the water.

I think it's great if people spread their knowledge of fish and local environment and ethical practices and all of that, but I don't think it was fair though to assume that he didn't know what he was doing and then question his ability to parent responsibly. Simply asking if he was aware would have gotten the same explanation that he gave for keeping the fish without belittling anyone in the process. I'm actually glad you brought it up because it's something new to me, but I think it would have been better to inform without being kinda condescending.

My two cents. Nice fish!
27.06.2009 00:11 Offline camprandall

Join Date: 20.06.2009
Comments: 5
Att: Snipr 7

I deleted the negitive comment you just wrote. Please don't try to post anymore negitive comments. I spoke to the game and fish yesterday and they agreed with me keeping this fish. They also said if I catch any other ones over 30" that I could keep them. (One per day) There's reasons why they let you keep the big ones. I encourage you to call Eric Swanson if you have anymore negitive comments or issues with this. 602-942-3000.. I just deleted the last negitive comment so please don't post them to our photo anymore. In the comment I just now deleted you said you caught a shark. You should post photos on the site. I'm sure we'd all love to see a big shark. I've never caught a shark but sure would like too!! Best Regards, Excalibur.
27.06.2009 20:43 Offline excalibur

Join Date: 26.06.2009
Comments: 22
Fun to Catch...

These fish can be fun to catch. They will feed off of a small bundle of grass or this time of year the mesquite pods. I caught and released a 40+ pounder at ASU Research Park off a mesquite pod. I was curious if people eat these fish? I know in Europe they eat carp and that carp fishing is very big in Europe. I also caught a soft shell turtle the size of a trash can lid...was fishing for catfish.
28.06.2009 02:45 Offline jmestaz

Join Date: 20.06.2009
Comments: 5
Att: jmestaz

Yes. Deep fat fry pieces in a fry daddy using peanut oil. Before putting them in dip them in egg, crushed bran flakes and seasonings. This was the first one we've kept so It was the sure way to go with any fish. It was great. We can't wait to catch another one!!! They usually don't bite catfish bait but that's what we get them on also. Wow, you caught one like this also? I bet you landed it much quicker as you probably had better tackle for that big of fish. We were using #10 hooks so had to take a lot of time landing him. You should post your photo of your monster!!
28.06.2009 13:04 Offline excalibur

Join Date: 11.05.2009
Comments: 18
Keyboard Tough Guys

Nicely done excalibur. The smiles on all of your faces says it all. Good for you and the girls and I can't wait for my little one to get old enough to do the same. Ignore the idiots out there, they are all keyboard tough guys. I can promise he wouldn't be so tough and opinionated in person.

A few years back I caught a 22lb Common Carp on 10lb test. Same thing. She was so beat there was no way to return her, not to mention she gutted the hook bad so would have died most likely anyways. Much better to enjoy and eat something than throw it in the garbage or the lake to ROT which would do much worse than a little grass. Anyone hear of whirling disease and other fish parasites?

Not to mention YOU paid for that fish by buying a fishing license! Good for you to get your money's worth.

Wonder if there is a way to start reporting idiots attacking others for having a good time and get 'em banned from here.

Keep up the strong work, and tight lines! In case of this one, VERY tight! Nice catch.
29.06.2009 13:10 Offline county_rover

Join Date: 26.06.2009
Comments: 22

Hey I 'd been catching a few 20-25 pounders then today I had one that sucked up a pod and took off like I'd attached my line to Carl Lewis or something. Mind you I have a 7 foot pole with a shimano 3500 bait runner reel and all of sudden it felt like I had a toy rod or something. It zipped of like 50 yards of line before I could register what was then headed for a big pile of brush and so I tightened the drag a bit then pop...I reeled it in the hook was straight. Had to have been a real big boy. No photo this time...:).
11.07.2009 00:27 Offline jmestaz

Join Date: 22.07.2009
Comments: 47
Great catch excalibur

Congrats on the catch I agree with you that parents should take their kids fishing I take my kids once in awhile and they have a great time.Thanks for posting the pic.
02.10.2009 11:12 Offline Angel13

Join Date: 16.03.2010
Comments: 22
Nice fish

Hey I'm only 11 so i dont know a great deal about what all the fish bite on. What were you using for bait? I mostly cach bass in a lake right near our house . I use night crawlers and catch small ones. I go to the park during winter and there is a big amount of carp there. Some of the carp look like they're around 15 pounds. So what do you use for bait I want to catch a big fish thanks. :)
18.03.2010 14:17 Offline GreatOutdoorsman81

Join Date: 18.10.2010
Comments: 1
badd azzz catch

i fish there all the time it is a nice catch.
18.10.2010 18:45 Offline jack-602

Join Date: 16.05.2012
Comments: 79
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