Check off the state tax return box for the Arizona Wildlife Fund

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March 30th, 2009

Many of us are busy trying to finish filling out our income tax returns as deadline day approaches on April 15. But, did you know that tax deadline day also offers you an opportunity to help our state’s bald eagles, black-footed ferrets, California condors, desert tortoises, native fish, and other wildlife?

All you have to do is check off a box labeled “Arizona Wildlife” on your state income tax return.

“While we recognize that economic times are difficult for many residents right now, we hope that people will recognize the value of protecting our wildlife during these critical periods,” says Mike Senn, the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s assistant director of wildlife management. “The state’s wildlife resources provide many different low-cost recreational opportunities for enthusiasts to enjoy. With one check of a box, they can donate part or all of their state income tax refund to help animals.”

The Arizona Wildlife Fund box first appeared on the state income tax form in 1982. Money goes to the Arizona Game, Nongame, Fish and Endangered Species Fund to benefit hundreds of nongame species of animals. Voluntary gifts to the fund can also be made on your state income tax form by checking the box, which is numbered “44.”

“These gifts help us fund important work in learning more about Arizona’s wildlife, which benefits all of the people who live in and visit our state,” says Senn. “We’re grateful to everyone who chooses to check off the box and help conserve the state’s unique species.”

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