Spaces still available for remaining fall workshops

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October 22nd, 2008

Our “W.H.I.: Wildlife and Habitat Inquiry” Workshops will give you the tools and understanding necessary to bring wildlife-focused inquiry into your classroom. There are currently three W.H.I. workshops scheduled (brief descriptions below), with more planned for the Spring. Each workshop covers a different topic in wildlife biology and costs $20. This fee covers lunch and all workshop materials. For more information or to register, visit and click on Workshops.

Oct. 25 – Hunting for Conservation? (Phoenix, AZ)

Explore the history of wildlife conservation in the United States. The founding principles of our democratic country provided the basis for one of the most successful conservation programs in the world. This workshop will integrate science, social studies, and language arts. It coincides with the AZ Council for Social Studies annual conference, so stay the extra day! However, participation in the conference is not required to attend this workshop.

Nov. 15 – Wildlife Corridors (Payson, AZ)

Highway fragmentation is one of the most significant threats to wildlife today. Learn about the unique world-class tools and techniques that biologists are using to make roads safer and more accessible to wildlife and people.

Dec. 13 – Modeled from Nature (Tucson, AZ)

In this unique workshop that integrates biology and physics, you will explore how much of our modern aircraft designs were modeled directly from wildlife.

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