New interactive e-map shows where to fish in Arizona

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July 17th, 2008

New interactive e-map shows where to fish in Arizona

PHOENIX – Ever wish you could see a map of Arizona showing all the places to go fishing, along with what types of fish you can find and maybe even something about the facilities at each lake, river or stream?

Well, just wave a magic wand over your computer because your wish has been granted – thanks to a little computer magic from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

The Game and Fish Department now has a computerized interactive fishing hole map of Arizona on its Web site at under “Where To Fish.”

Most of the information for the interactive computerized map was taken from the popular “Arizona Fishin’ Holes” booklet published by the Game and Fish Department.

One of the cool things about this interactive map is it gives you the ability to locate places to fish for specific species. “Want to know where to fish for rainbow trout? Simply click on the words ‘rainbow trout’ at the bottom and the map will only show those locations with trout,” said Web Master Brian Ference, who headed up the project.

Do you need directions to a particular fishing hole? Those are there too. You can even choose the type of map you want, including topographical or satellite imagery. There are even links to Wikipedia to provide more detailed information.

Are you curious about the current weather over your prospective fishing hole? Just click on the link to “View on Google Earth” at the top of the map and with a couple of tweaks, you can see for yourself.

Don’t forget, you can also sign up to have the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Weekly Fishing Report delivered directly to your computer each and every week. It’s always good to find out what fish are biting where, and what baits or methods to use as well.

To complete your friendly arsenal of relevant fishing information, you might want to purchase the $6 “Arizona Fishin’ Holes” publication as well – it is sized to fit most vehicle glove compartments. To obtain an order form, visit

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