2009 antelope and elk regulations are available online Hunters can start submitting applications now

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December 22nd, 2008

The 2009 Arizona Pronghorn Antelope and Elk Hunt Draw Information regulations booklet is available online at the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Web site at www.azgfd.gov/draw. Hunters interested in obtaining a hunt permit-tag via the draw process can start applying now.

All applications must be submitted by mail or hand-delivered to a department office – no online application process is available. Applications are due by 7 p.m. (MST) Feb. 10, 2009 – postmarks do not count.

To assist customers and reduce errors, a PDF application form can be filled out using a computer and keyboard, but must be printed, signed and submitted (along with the correct fees by check or money order) by mail, or by delivery to any department office. The form can also be printed and filled out using an ink pen.

Early applicants can take advantage of the “grace period”—those who submit an application by Jan. 22, 2009 will receive up to three calls from the department in a 24-hour period if an error is found on the application. If the applicant is reached by phone, the department will help fix the error to ensure a completed application.

Arizona Game and Fish Department officials said printed copies of the regulations should be available at license dealers across the state by mid-January.

For 2009, there are 26,474 elk tags available (a slight increase of 385 tags from last year), and 1,007 pronghorn-antelope tags available (a 1-permit increase from last year).

The elk over-the-counter nonpermit-tags for limited areas will continue to be offered in 2009. These tags are akin to a “limited opportunity” hunt in areas with very low elk populations. Hunters interested should thoroughly review the regulations and visit www.azgfd.gov/otc to download the “2009 Elk OTC Informational Handout” PDF for frequently asked questions, hunt area boundary descriptions, and area maps, before purchasing.

A 2009 hunting license is required to apply. Department officials encourage hunters to get their license before applying for an elk or antelope hunt permit-tag if they wish to do any other hunting in early 2009. Licenses purchased through the draw process will not be mailed out until April 24, 2009, regardless of application success.

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