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March 30th, 2009

Arizona Wildlife Views magazine invites you to share your best hunting tip with our readers.

Send your tips in by April 6, and you could win a free copy of “Hunt Arizona 2009.” The first 50 persons to send in a qualifying entry get a copy of “Man and Wildlife” for their trouble.

What kind of tips do we want? That nugget of wisdom gleaned from years of experience, or a piece of advice you would share with your best friend or your child to improve their success at hunting.

Keep it brief: Three sentences or fewer should cover it. Be specific: Avoid generalities by tying your tip to a particular species, situation, time of year or other fact. Don’t give away a favorite location; we’d rather hear about techniques or practices that pay off. And yes, it’s OK to identify gear you swear by.

Examples of what and what not to submit:

* Pay attention to wind direction. (This is too general: We’re looking for specifics.)

* Hunt into the wind. (This is excellent and brief, a true nugget of wisdom.)

* When making a stalk, take wind direction into account. Wind is never your friend, and if ignored will carry your scent toward your quarry, lessening your chance of success. To avoid that, hunt into the wind. (Excellent and an acceptable length — but please don’t go longer.)

The best tips received by April 6 will be published — along with the author’s first name, last initial and home town — in an upcoming issue of Arizona Wildlife Views magazine. Everyone whose tip is published gets a free copy of that issue. The author of the best tip wins “Hunt Arizona 2009” when it’s published in May. And the first 50 people who submit a complete entry will receive a copy of “Man and Wildlife,” a fascinating history of wildlife in Arizona — a $14.95 value!

Ready to share your best hunting tip? Send it by e-mail to (use the subject title: Best Tips).

Be sure to include your full name and mailing address in the body of your message to be eligible to receive top honors or a free gift. Limit one tip per person, please.

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