Truck shooting proves costly for 5 Valley men

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June 10th, 2008

Truck shooting proves costly for 5 Valley men

Five young Valley men who were dove hunting last September along the outskirts of Phoenix just could not resist using their shotguns and pistols for something else – shooting up a large six-wheel drive construction truck.

That error in judgment is proving costly for these five friends in their twenties, in more ways than one.

They were apprehended shortly after this senseless act of shooting vandalism by Officer Dave Conrad with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. During questioning by Conrad, all five eventually admitted to participating in shooting the truck. They were all cited for vandalism while hunting.

The five were found guilty in the Estrella Mountain Justice Court. Each was fined. Two were assessed restitution for damages to the truck. But that wasn’t all – these individuals won’t be hunting again for some time, or fishing for that matter.

On May 16, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission revoked their hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for five years. They will be required to take the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s hunting education course before their privileges can be restored.

The following individuals were convicted by the courts and then had their hunting and fishing privileges revoked by the Game and Fish Commission:

  • Joshua A. Trent of El Mirage was fined $275, plus $1,394.11 in restitution;
  • Tyler Jerome White of Youngtown was fined $275, plus$1,394.10 in restitution.
  • Justin Neil White of Phoenix was fined $150.
  • Brandon C. Gosnell of Glendale was fined $150.
  • Jared A. Birmingham of Goodyear was fined $250.

The story doesn’t end there for them. Thanks to a Wildlife Violator Compact among U.S. states and Canada, during their license suspensions in Arizona, the five will not be able to hunt, fish or trap in 29 other states, nor in seven Canadian provinces/territories.

“Vandalism while hunting is serious business, whether it is shooting a sign or the more egregious act of shooting up a vehicle. The consequences can be far reaching,” said Conrad.

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