BLM seeks public input on Table Mesa area

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November 24th, 2008

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is asking the public for input on what types of recreational uses and road access should be taken into consideration for future management of the “Table Mesa Recreation Area,” located about 35 miles north of Phoenix between I-17 and the northeast end of Lake Pleasant.

Some issues to consider are:

  • Are there roads you would like to see closed or opened, and why?
  • Can you identify areas that are best for off-road vehicles, horseback riding, hiking, or other uses?
  • Should areas be provided for safe target shooting?
  • What access points should be provided for recreation areas?
  • Are there needs for additional parking/trailheads?
  • What private property access issues need to be considered?
  • Are there valid existing rights that need to be considered?
  • What other issues for the area are important to you?

The input will assist the BLM in development of a Recreation Activity Plan/Travel Management Plan and Environmental Assessment.

Written comments can be submitted from now through December 20 via e-mail to

One remaining public meeting to provide information will be held this evening (Thursday, Nov. 20) in Anthem at the Anthem Community Center, 41130 North Freedom Way.

For more information, visit the BLM’s Web site at and click on the Table Mesa link under “In the Spotlight,” or call Project Manager Tom Bickauskas at (623) 580-5502.

5 Responses to “BLM seeks public input on Table Mesa area”

  1. Richard Bakutis on December 3rd, 2008 at 4:27 am

    I would like to see some areas set aside for target shooting, both pistol and rifle. Developing accurate loads for shooting is not easy at shooting ranges. Improved roads are not necessary since the desert should remain the desert but some sort of road markings would be nice.

    Clean up should be mandatory at shooting sites and this should include brass and shotgun shells. No junk shooting should be allowed.
    Ask for volunteers for policing these areas.

  2. The plan needs to take deep consideration to the residential areas on the west side of I-17 and the east side of I-17 since Table Mesa road accesses both locations. Table Mesa road needs to be safe and far from any possible infringement with trail riders and of course shooters – the parcel just north on Table Mesa rd – west and east of Table Mesa rd total 300 plus acres. The parcel inside the plan area north on Table Mesa is already slated for development and the parcel on the east side of I-17 about a half mile off of I-17 is 140 acres zoned 1 acre residential this parcel requires Table Mesa as an access – so the traffic will be heavy along Table Mesa rd. This is very serious and it is very important that the future plan and organization involved with the plan understands the future development otherwise a legal moreatorium will be opened.

  3. I think a shooting area would be a great idea, many people use this area to shoot and some dont clean up. having a centralized area would make clean ups easier. junk shooting should be allowed with stiff fines for not packing out what you pack in. NO GLASS ALLOWED

  4. Steve,
    I’m very curious on the development you mentioned in your reply. Can you give me a link or something where this information can be found?

  5. i know this is a long shot but does ant one know if the Daniel osier posting on this site once lived in naperville il

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