OHV Decal revenue: What is it used for?

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March 12th, 2009

New laws went into effect Jan. 1, 2009 requiring all off-highway vehicles (OHVs) meeting certain criteria to display an OHV Decal, which costs $25 annually. At the recent International Sportsmen’s Expo, the number one question asked about that program was: “What does this money go for exactly?”

As per Arizona Revised Statute, this is what the revenue will support:

Sixty percent (60%) of these funds will go to the Arizona State Parks recreational grant program. These funds will be used to repair trails, shore up overused trails, repair damaged desert areas, and ultimately create some new dedicated riding areas in Arizona.

Thirty-five percent (35%) goes to the Arizona Game and Fish Department to hire seven new law enforcement officers specifically for OHV law enforcement. That number may seem small, but it is better than the current number (zero) of officers that are OHV specific. These dollars will also help create a new OHV education course for which judges could mandate completion, in lieu of or with a fine or community service, for those found in violation of OHV laws. Members of the public who want more education on safe, ethical and responsible OHV use could also take the course voluntarily.

Five percent (5%) of the revenue goes to the State Land Department. Since the OHV Decal allows crossing and riding on State Trust Land Trails, the State Land Department is losing revenue from the sale of State Land Recreational Permits. This allows them to recoup that revenue as well as to create new temporary use opportunities as desert converts to development. It also allows riding areas to stay open.

Since the first of January, Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) has seen more than 45,000 Decals sold. Game and Fish estimates there are more than 200,000 eligible OHVs in Arizona.

If your OHV meets the following criteria, you need the OHV Decal, regardless of the type of license plate on the vehicle:

1. It’s made by the manufacturer for use over unimproved terrain or off-highway
2. It weighs 1,800 pounds or less (It comes from the manufacturer that way)

If you meet those two requirements then you need to obtain and display the OHV Decal in the upper left-hand corner of your license plate. If you have a registered (street legal) vehicle after you purchase the OHV Decal, you will get free registration and pay $3 in vehicle license tax. Purchase the OHV Decal first so there is no confusion on the free registration.

To purchase an OHV Decal, go to any MVD office, third party service provider, or online at www.servicearizona.com.

For more information about the new laws and the OHV Decal program, go to www.azgfd.gov/ohv.

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