New brochure helps Arizona residents coexist with black bears

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June 10th, 2008

New brochure helps Arizona residents coexist with black bears

Spring is blossoming around the state, and with it comes increased critter activity, especially among Arizona’s black bears. As urban areas expand and wildlife is forced to share their habitat, encounters with humans are becoming more common. The Arizona Game and Fish Department is offering a new brochure aimed at helping residents coexist with black bears.

The brochure contains information on bear traits and behaviors; what attracts bears and what keeps them away; and, how to discourage bears from entering an area. Tips on what to do if a bear is spotted in an urban area are also included.

One of the primary tips found in the brochure is the importance of keeping garbage away from bears. Bears quickly can develop a taste for human foods if they are given the opportunity, and most conflicts between humans and black bears happen when bears have access to human-supplied foods. Fed bears can lose their fear of humans and begin to associate them with food, possibly causing property damage or injuries.

To obtain a copy of the brochure, visit your local Game and Fish office.

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